The errand Veteran!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

This poem is about a war veteran who was willing to shed some lights about what's really going on behind the scene.

The errand Veteran!
Proudly we serve our countries with all that we have,
Our sons and daughters take the oath to suffice,
Nevertheless, the promises that come with all that,
Are just like dried paints inside thrown away cans.
Yes, the ambition to represent our dwelling place is noble,
When our intentions collaborate with the reality of things unforeseen,
What is the verity behind these rubbles which been buried for decades?
Go deeper then the sea limit and beyond, and you will certainly see.
Eight years of my life dealing and coping with things you don’t even know,
While you are enjoying the rising of the Sun and the sleeping of the Moon,
Not to mention the man made glories that surpass your immobilized ego,
Still, the smells of burning fleshes, cooked with dirt on wheels of bloody mud,
hunt me days and nights.
Here I am finally; patiently, struggling to rebuild my life on empty covenants,
You know, the things that used to keep me going while guarding my precious prize,
my USA,
Unfortunately; I am alive to live with the lies you fabricated, but fortunate enough to
be alive to say,
I will make it, regardless of the odds, for the purposes inside of me worth much more
than what’s advertised.
I don’t carry around, a badge of honor externally, for all to see so; don’t you pity me!
In my heart, there; dwells the memory of my everlasting and futuristic journey,
My time has gone profoundly in the desert of rivalries and rivers of hiding secrets,
where blood stains paint the cactuses red; for the wilds to relish on daily.
I look like a human being but my flesh carries the anecdote of a well tamed animal, the scars foretold,
Although my life style shouldn’t be materially judged; based on what the common man proclaimed,
Give me decency to compensate the embarrassment of your manipulative flaws and unfruitful results,
That way, I will not live as an Errand Veteran, whose existence without the use of plastics are meaningless in my so called; home.
This poem is dedicated to War Veteran, Mr. Charles McKiever whom I honorably met at The Hayes Chrysler Dealer Service Center in Lawrenceville, GA, on February 7, 2007.
Mr. Charles…….Thank you for enlightened me with the only things which would set mankind Free…….The Truth.
Copyrighted © February 8, 2007 by: Fritz-Gerald Delice

Submitted: November 28, 2007

© Copyright 2020 justletitflow. All rights reserved.

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