Sympathy for a Murderer

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
All Liliana wants is to be free of her abusive fiance, and she knows just how do it.

Submitted: March 07, 2016

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Submitted: March 07, 2016



All she could see were the bright, red flashes of long nails as they lightly tapped the top of the steel table. 

“Liliana,” the velvety voice said softly, yet firmly.  “This is your chance.  This is the type of rebellion that will forever be memorialized for future generations.”  The woman leaned forward, illuminating her face beneath the one bulb.  She had high cheekbones and plump, ruby red lips.  Her dark brown, almost black eyes burned holes through Liliana as she continued in a whisper.  “They’ll lament his death for years to come.”

“I don’t want them to pity him.  I don’t want them to mourn his death,” Liliana gritted through her teeth.  The woman across the table, the one known as Toxin, laughed loudly.  Her white smile flashed beneath the dim light. 

“Of course not, my darling,” she began.  “You start with the one who deserves it directly, and then end with those who indirectly deserve it.  Kill him, and then kill those who thought he was a great man and leader.”  She ran her nails down Liliana’s cheek gently in a caress. 

“That way there won’t be any trace of him as a good man,” Liliana murmured.  “He’ll only be remembered by me.  He’ll only be remembered as an abuser.”  Toxin smirked and walked around the table, leaning down so that her mouth was near Liliana’s ear.

“Doesn’t that sound like sheer perfection?” she said, her voice filled with encouragement. 



Liliana wasn’t really surprised at how easy it was to kill her fiancé.  He wasn’t a particularly bright man, nor was he adept at defending himself.She spent months planning it just right.  She went out and bought a huge amount of exercise clothes.  When the day finally came, she waited until that evening.  She slipped some of the special, slow acting poison that Toxin had provided her with into his nightly cup of coffee, and she then loosened the gas line to their stove so that it could leak into the house.  She knew that after his coffee he would have a cigarette in the den.  After all this, she pulled on a jogging outfit, set up the app on her phone that would track her run, and left their home. 

“Now all I have to do is enjoy my jog,” she muttered under her breath as she headed down the street.  About an hour later, she heard an explosion from a few streets over.  Putting on her best face of panic, she ran as quickly as she could back to her house, only to find it had burst into flames.  Tears ran down her cheeks as the sound of sirens began to become clearer. 

“Ma’am!” a voice shouted behind her.  “Ma’am, are you alright?”  She fell to her knees and stared at the bright, orange flames in front of her.

“I am now,” she said so quietly that no one else could hear.  “I am now.”

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