one second chance?

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i found the one, but he wasnt ready to be it yet. debating over weather to send this.

Submitted: July 24, 2008

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Submitted: July 24, 2008



i miss you

i miss us

i miss the feeling i'd found the one

my mindset hasnt changed but yours has

its a pity

we could've gone the distance like hurclues hehe

i was ready

i still am

but this just goes to show again how nothing goes according to plan

you were my mirror, you made me love myself

not concietedly , but enough for good health

i could trust you

i still can

but why am i standing here alone

why then?

is it because of someone else?

is it because of the distance?

is there somehting wrong with me?

something i could have missed that...

something you did'nt feel,

something you know i did

someone else you have to heal?

or something un repaired?

you know im here foryou so take advantage of it

you know im here to heal you you

what are you going to do about it?

i mean that sincerely

i mean that for you

im here if you ever need me

but im still here is you never do..

i miss us very dearly and i've never found a comparison

and i have a feeling, the longer i wait, the more correct i'll become

this is going to sound corny but theres no one like you

you're the perfectly imperfect one i fell for

i fell in it with you..

though  i feel im not falling anymore

i just feel like i fell

and im just sitting at the bottom

smiling up at this darkening well

waiting to see if a hand will reach down

a hand that will reach down and touch

a hand to come and fetch me

a hand for mine to brush

you pulled on all my heartstrings

and i really dont know how

but you've seemed to be my everything

nothings changed so i doubt you'll want me now

but i just wanted to tell you

how precious you really are

you mean the world, not just to me

you are my fallen star..

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