Why Look Up?

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Inquiring into the question of why we as humans look up for the answers of life and spirituality.

Submitted: February 02, 2013

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Submitted: February 02, 2013




Why Look Up?


Kneeling down with hands clasped together, I look up to the skies for wisdom, compassion, and love. I look above myself to find the answers and meanings to every question my soul needs. I look up to see something that I cannot see. But why look up?


Will I find these answers I seek by looking up? Will I realize what purpose there is for the world and for my being? Will looking up answer the questions of evolution and creation? Why look up?


The answers and the wisdom do not come from looking up and attempting to reason beyond what can ever be known. But what can be known and seen and grasped can only come from looking forward. Why look up for a God above the clouds and into the unknown?


That same God and those very questions can never be answered by looking up, but, more simplistically, can be found in every grain of the earth, in every tree, in every being that ever was, is, or will be. Why would God have a human look up beyond what will ever be known to seek his wisdom when He lives within everything right before our eyes. Why look up?


To grasp the very nature of this concept, seemingly and immensely intricate and unimaginable, is in actuality very simple and beautiful. We look up and beseech the Creator to come down from so far above to be with us, to love us, to guide us. But He is already here in everything around us, wrapping us in his warmth and walking every step with us threw everything that is.


So, why look up? Looking up is the only way to appreciate and understand why looking forward is what we were given. Looking up can never be understood, which is why looking forward, we, as humans, should love and respect what we have been given. We have been given everything within reason to understand how God walks with us. Why look up?


Even all that we were given was not enough to understand; thus, God gave us the ultimate form of reason, understanding, and love. God gave us himself not only in everything around humans and within humans, but also God gave us a human. God gave us Himself so that we may better understand His never-ending love for us.


Why look up?

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