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we should make weed legal!!!

Submitted: February 19, 2012

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Submitted: February 19, 2012




Weed, pot, dope, grass, most commonly known as: marijuana. Many people think different thoughts about it. Some people think its something to help with illnesses, other think it kills the body’s cells, but others say it is just a pest when it starts to grow in their garden (I say sell it!). I am here to say the marijuana should be legalized. But there are both pros and cons to weed being legalized.

For starters, imagine a man, who is stressed, over worked and needs a brake, he goes on vacation but as soon as work comes back, the load on his shoulders comes back. All so taking a plane can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. But if he just buys a dime bag of marijuana he could easily just take a few hits and feel better, its cheaper then a plane to the Bahamas too. It lasts for a few hours and you still feel refreshed after the high. Another reason why marijuana is useful is it can help with chronic pain, and also, It has been proven it has the ability to help heal virtually any illness ranging from psychological problems such as schizophrenia to problems like aids and cancer.

Also, if marijuana is legal, less people go to rehab. Less time people spend on trying to legalize, and for the people who don’t want it to be legalized they don’t have to smoke or eat it. Smoking weed does not make someone a bad person, there are people who have a family, love and them and have good substantial job, but then they get arrested. It’s unfair. Marijuana is a choice. It is a known fact that more people have died from alcohol use, tobacco, pain killing pills, even caffeine, but not once has anyone died from marijuana.

Marijuana does not cause violent behavior like alcohol, and honestly it doesn’t even kill brain cells unless laced with something. It does not cause brain damage, it does not cause any issues with the immune system. It isn’t something that will affect genetics or anything like that. Weed is not bad. Some people live longer when consuming it.

Also if you think hard enough, it will create many more jobs for citizens, if the people who grow and sell weed could go public then it would mean a million less people the government have to deal with. But if the government makes and sells it that is billions of dollars more then they had before. Or the government could just simply place a tax on it like they do everything else. And less crimes committed to marijuana means more space in jail for the people who actually need it. And digging a little deeper, the border jumping would drop over night. Drug gangs would lose a lot of power and money, and with less power less gang wars.

Of cource there are going to be cons of legalizing it but everyone is looking at the bad facts about it. People do asinine things when high, but after a while things eventually settle down in your system, and your body becomes use to it, but even if it kills brain cells, cigarettes give you lung cancer, and people cannot say alcohol does not do the same. There has also been recorded facts that more people die from legal drugs then illegal drugs… So what exactly is worse: marijuana… or other everyday substances?  

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