good girls... bad boys

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its a poem i wrote since my friend started dating this bad boy... :P its one of my longer poems... :P i hope you enjoy...

Submitted: March 06, 2012

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Submitted: March 06, 2012




Good girls always want bad boys.

 That’s why were treated like a broken toy.

They don’t care why we frown, or why we eat when we’re feeling down, never tried to turn it around.


But then you noticed that I’m sticking around… and since that day you…

 respect me, want me, teat me with the love I need.

Use the heart you never acknowledged deep inside that only I can see.


Push past the hurt and spite, and the tears that you always hide. To the light what wants to shine.

You act like you don’t care, why I’m here.

But I see the glint of hope in your eyes that try to hide when I say:

 “I’m here to stay by your side”

Seeing that answers why I stay when others walk away.

And no I wont go when your anger takes over and your shouts turn to threats.

But they never actually carry through.

The fist was never raised,

 because you never want to admit that you actually do like me with a shivering heart, that actually needs me, to wrap my arms around and set free.

When I say, “Leave me alone,” and my eyes begin to dull,

don’t you dare leave my side.

 Truth be honest I want your arms wrapped around me, hold me up when I’m feeling down, that’s your job, to help me when I crash and burn.

And when the night becomes brutal,

 and the winds chill me to the bone,

you always come to light the flame,

and be the site that makes my body feel so right.


So for that I’ll be there even when you’re not being fair.

 I’ll shed a tear that I hope fills you with fear,

 so you know something’s wrong and something in my heart just doesn’t belong,

so you can help me fight it,

and protect me with your warmth and livid fire that now shines so radiantly even heaven its self seems like hell next to it.

But then we quarrel,

 then we split,

 and my stubbornness is much more powerful than yours,

and you come crawling back,

 but just so you know you don’t have to fret,

 because I honestly won’t play hard to get.

Because you’re the spark that ignites my flame,

 the teddy bear who I hold when I’m feeling’s have failed.

Because without you I am a book with no words,

 a mind with no thoughts.


Babe were the perfect two,

 like clouds in the sky,

 And my love for you goes past the moon,

 past the space above,

 and beyond the stars that dreamers like us wished wishes upon.

And now, we must say good bye…

to the haters who want to be us.

 And the thing about me,

 is I’m a good girl, and I wanted a bad boy,

 and yes I am treated like a broken toy,

but he wants to fix the cracks and make me good as new, and baby






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