SOmething along those lines chapter 5

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Submitted: August 01, 2011




We pull over in front of my house, and Mark got out, I walk slowly behind him. He was going to tell them… I swallow. I can already see dad exploding yelling that this isn’t funny and Mark should drop the act. I shove my hand in my pockets.

“Mark!” my mom cluck’s embracing him. “I missed you so much! Oh we should have dinner together tonight!” she rambles on about how we should go to a nice restaurant. Dad just grunts.

“First… I need to talk to you…” Mark cuts in. “It’s really important.”

“Yes?” mom sing’s. “What is it sweaty? You know you can tell us anything.”

“Well… I’m a demon hunter.” He shrugs, acting like it’s nothing but I can see in his jade eyes he’s freaking out.

“What?” dad gasps, “That’s impossible.” The looks on his face was astonishment, not anger, not disgust. But like he did not expect Mark to say what he did.

“I know it’s hard to believe but—“ Mark continues but dad cut’s him off.

“Jesslyn was supposed to be the demon hunter…” has breathes. “You where always the screw up.”

“Actually, I was,” I say. Everyone glares at me like it wasn’t the right time to say that. “I’m just sayin’.” I raise my hands in defense. 

“What?” Mark explodes. “You thought I was a screw up! Jesslyn was the girl who always failed the classes, no one ever liked her no one likes her now! I love her but I don’t even like her! And I had passed every class. And you thought I was the screw up!” his face was a bright shade of pink.

 I’m not going to lie… I’m terrified of this Mark. He’s always the one who’s always relax, fearless, clam. But now this is like someone or something possessed him. His hand’s quiver fiercely.

“Mark relax,” my father demands.

“You want me to relax?” Mark sits down, his face in his hands.

“Jesslyn…” my mom begins resting her hand on my shoulder. “You inherited my side of the family: the demon blood.”

“The what blood?” I snap my head in her direction.

“Jesslyn is not a demon!” my brother spits, no on his feet. “She’s too good natured for that.”

“I’m not lying,” my mom’s voice so calm, this is the most serious her voice has ever been.

“I’m a demon?” I ask. “You’re kidding right?” I laugh. I feel my eye’s fill up with tears; my bottom lip starts to vibrate. “Dad… she’s kidding right?”

He looks at his hands, refusing to meet my gaze. My breathing I unsteady, now Mark has his arms wrapped around me whispering: it’s not true. Over and over. Mom stands emotionless, with her arms crossed.

“If you don’t believe me I’ll prove it to you,” she finally speaks. Her eyes shooting arrows of ice at me.; she lift’s her long angelic hand up, her nails grow quickly, and her fine hair turn’s to a snow white, and black runs through it. Her azure eyes turn in to a lifeless shade of black. “See?” she smiles, her teeth fangs.

“I am not a demon,” I finalize. “You are just an abomination, something that shouldn’t exist. You are not my mother.”

“Jesslyn.” She takes a small step towards me. I jump back a foot. “Mark. You’re a demon hunter, but you also a brother; so you won’t harm her. But what about Blake? He’s not a brother. Do you think after he finds out what she is he will let her live?”

“He loves her.” he replies.

“But you love him; if you give her to me he can be all yours.” I look up at Mark, he’s gay? Why does it matter? His face is flooded with tears.

“Mark—“ I squeak. “Please don’t. I’m not a demon. I’m your scaredy-cat little sister that you love to pick on. I’m not a demon.” For the first time in my whole life, I have no one on my side. I usually have mom, Blake, always Mark, but now… no one.

But I feel myself fly through the air to my mother’s painful grasp. I look to my dad. “Daddy!” I cry.

“This was the deal,” he mumbles. “Sorry Jesslyn.”

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