something along those lines chapter SIXXXX!!!!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic



A hideous black cloud coils around my mother an me. She looks blankly out into space, her face cold, like she’s set out on a mission.

“Children of demons-such as your self- are unloved, unwanted, and useless to me. So you will live with Damon, he will be your master; you will do as he says. And if you don’t let’s just say it will be… Fatal.”

Instead of saying a snarky response I bite my tong, there is no way in hell I will talk to this bitch. She still has that annoying mini-mouse voice even as an evil wench.

“Are you listening to me?” she barks. Her clawed hand grabs my hair and yanks my head backwards so I’m forced to look at her uninviting face, though it has the most welcoming future’s I have ever seen, having them on her made me want to vomit.

“No,” I say simply. And before I knew it, her other hand lashes my face. I let out a roar of pain, and I lay on a cold marble floor.

“Master Damon, this is my daughter Jesslyn.” I look at my blood covered hands, and tough my cheek that has a huge gash in it.

So much blood.

“Thank you,” a deep seductive voice replies. “You may leave.”

A pair of black boots step in to my puddle of blood. The toe of his shoe jerks my chin up so he can see me properly. But I think it was so I could see him properly. He was stunning. He had beige skin but his eyes crimson. His jaw was perfect like someone had scalped him, like he was a Greek god. 

“You’re bleeding,” he observes, he squats down.

“Thank you captain obvious,” I grumble. “I want to go home.”

“Well, you’re not going home. You’re going to stay with me until you satisfy me. And—“

“And if I don’t it will be fatal?” I ask.

“You learn fast.” He beams at me. “You must be very smart. Do you know Algebra?”

“Yes!” I reply. He raises his eyebrow like he knows I’m lying. “Failed the class… twice.” 

He chuckles. “I like you. You have a personality.” He touches my chin and rests his forehead on mine. Intently he reminds me of Blake and how he used to do that to me, and how Mark did that to me when I was younger when mom and dad got into a fight.

“NO!” I shove him away from me. “Stay away from me. You—you just stay way.” I crawl away from him.

“Oh?” his warm welcoming smile disappears turning into a sinful grin. “I can sense the hate you are giving me. I see the bluntness from you old life. You’re a demon, but you think you’re a human. But, haven’t you ever felt like you were different from everyone else; that you didn’t belong. Here you fit in, you’re one of us.”

“Go to hell.” I try and smack him but he grabs my wrist and licks my face.

“I’m already there.” He stands’ and walks to a flight of stairs. “While you’re down there clean up that mess.” He snaps his fingers and a mop and bucket fall on top of me.

I touch where he licked me and my cut was gone. I watch as he leave. I pick up the mop and bucket and chuck it across the room. I can’t believe Mark gave me up like that!

I scramble over to a corner and curl up in to a small ball and bawl my eyes out. Mark left me, Blake is going to freak. I kissed him, found out I’m a demon, kidnapped by my mom. And to top it off I’m now a slave. This just makes my life so perfect.

“I’ve never seen a demon cry.” A feminine voice giggles. I look up at the balcony where a petite girl with flaming red hair sits, her legs hanging off.

“Well you have a front row seat,” I mutter, I can feel my face turn pink.

She giggles, “Your funny.” I look back up to her standing right above me. “Don’t cry little demon girl, master isn’t that bad. He’s actually quite charming.”

“Right.” I stare into her violet eyes, they are almost hypnotizing.

“What’s your name?” she sits next to me her pale skin glow’s with the shade of hair she has.

“Jesslyn. You?” Her eyes gaze at me with a never ending trail of questions.

“Mona.” She falls backwards, with her arms in the air. I wrap my arms around my legs and observe the room. Everything looks expensive. I rub my arms like I’m chilly, and Mona mimics my movements.

“I’ll show you around,” she pops up holding a delicate hand out to me. “Don’t worry you don’t have to clean, he really doesn’t care.”

“Good,” I reply. “I wasn’t going to clean either way.” I close my eyes and those shady eyes of his float into my mind. He was gorgeous but he’s keeping me hostage here, he’s not… good.

Tap. Tap. Tap… snapping me out of my daze Mona taps her foot impatiently; as I’m slowly walking, she’s at the top of the stair case. I flit up there as fast as my feet take me. I shrug and she crosses her arms.

“You have really long legs, but you use them like an old lady,” she snaps. She spins around and her short legs move faster than my ‘long legs’. I have to jog to keep up with her. She’s like a freaking cheetah, or a something. Damn.

We start down a glittering white hall way, and an dozen doors in this one path, each hall way had like a million doors’. Then an empty one nothing but large red double doors at the end, I gaze at Mona, she has a smile like a creeper, her grin was from ear to ear. My fists clench.

“Master Damon!” her scream uneven, and rough compared to her voice earlier that was angelic. “I brought Jesslyn too you!”

“Why?’ I ask, my voice shaking.

“Cozz I can!” she snickers, just as the door’s open I turn on my heels and start down the empty hall way. As I round the corner a black figure appears and I crash in to it and the momentum makes me fall flat on my ass.

“Hello,” Damon whispers. “How are you my dear Jesslyn?”

“Go to hell,” I spit. I feel my eyes blur up. My mom’s face floats into my mind; her… normal… Human self. How she always comforted me, made me feel everything was okay, then… she became a total monster (literally) and now I don’t have a family. How can someone raise someone for fifteen years and then just give it away like it’s nothing?

“I told you already,” Damon began. “I’m already there. Now why didn’t you clean the main hall?”  His voice cold hitherto he looks like someone pulled him out of a fairy tale.

“Because you told me too.” I sit on my knees waiting for him to slap me, kick me, or do something fatal like my mother… I mean Grace warned. I swallowed as a malevolent grin stretched across his face.

“I like that answer.” He held out a hand to me, “You can’t live in the past.” He realizes I’m not going to take his hand and sits in front of me his legs stretched out; and he gazes at me like I’m a piece of art in a museum. “I have no intention of letting you live your life like you did back then. I watched over you since you were born, and I will not let you go back to that family that controls you like a puppet.”

“But I love them,” I reply.

“They don’t love you, the only person who put of a fight was your brother, then he as well let you go, and you love that?” he chuckles scornfully.

“Bite me!” I spit.

He gazes at me with sorrow in his eyes, like he wants me to understand but he won’t. His jaw is clenched, as well as his fist. I don’t know why but I want to brush away the single strand of hair hiding his deep eyes. I want to write down all of his features if I could find the right words to describe him. I want to put him in a book.

What am I thinking? This guy is the bad guy, not a fairy tale prince. Damon is a demon, and my “master”. I can write about my master. Actually he’s not my master; he’s some evil monster that probably his under my bed, wanting to eat me.

Oh. My. God.

Could he have been the voice in my head?

Not only is he an evil monster that hides under my bed, he’s my stalker! This is such a perfect life I have! I was kidnapped by mom to be given to my stalker as like a birthday present! I wonder how long he’s been stalking me. Weeks. Days. Years. Wait did he say he was watching over me since I was a child? This is just like elementary school! Or something like that… well actually I don’t have anything that goes for this moment.

I watch as he moves forward, and breathes in my ear. “I want you more than them,” his lips brush agents my cheeks and his forehead rests on mine. His ink black eyes show no emotion, only blankness. A never ending trail of nothingness. I stuck in a deep breath when his nose touches mine.

“Why?” I finally ask. Then his eyes light up, an exciting smile rips across his face, showing he has small fangs.

“Because you are powerful as you are beautiful,” he whispers.

“Wow… that’s pathetic.” His smile vanishes, and his eyes stare at me questionably. “I mean, how cliché can you get? ‘you are powerful as you are beautiful’ come on, talk about old school.”

“I didn’t expect that…” he mutters under his breath. He stands up and sighs and heads back to his office.

“Wait!” I cry.

“Yes?” he turns slightly; I could hear the hope in his voice.

“How old are you?”

“18,” he replies.

“In demon years?”


“And that was the best pick up line you could come up with?” I start to laugh, this guy is hundreds of years old and that was all he could say? Man this was going to be good. I walk up to him and pat him on the back… I literally get up and walk over to him, and pat him on the back.

He just looks at me. “Do you want me to teach you?” I could hear something in his voice like he was testing me, but I being a dimwit having no clue what it is…

“What?” I look up at him but his eyes zoning out just like Blake’s.

“How to be a Demon…”

Heyy! its me Julya! i want to just tell you my new novel "Just So Weird..." will becoming out in four chapters (Chapter 10 SOTL (lol i like that SOTL))! it nothing like this and its in a dudes perspective it's a rel-fiction, so it you want to read my fail as a boy read the sum. its one of the many posts i have up)

Submitted: August 06, 2011

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LOVE!LOVE!LOVE! More! KMU! love you :)

Sat, August 6th, 2011 6:27am


lol of cource!

Sat, August 6th, 2011 9:27am

K L Copley

AWESOME!!!! hehehehe! when did her mum give her to damon?

(btw i LOVE that name! like damon from Vampire diaries ;) )

anyways or did the demon dude go to her house?, why didn't blake stop them! ARRRGHHHH!!! sooooo many things to find out!!!!!! cant wait ;) kmu!!

Mon, August 8th, 2011 12:55pm


lol thank you i'll keep you updated! hehehe

Mon, August 8th, 2011 9:09am

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