Something around those lines Chapter 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Ok well this is chapter 2 of something along those lines, i am making this now a series of short storys why you might ask... because my booksie account is being a meanie face and wont let me post the other chapters... so i hope this works lol enjoy

I didn’t get any sleep, so my brain feels like mush, I was paranoid a man will eat me. But I have work and I need money, so off I go! Work as always is a drag. And since I feel like a ton of rocks is on my shoulders makes it so much better.
“Jessica!” the manager calls. She’s close still not my name though. “I need you to go to the back and get ice. The ice is empty in the soda machine.” Fast food restaurant; worst job ever.
The freezer is freezing, why are they so cold? The ice stings my hands as a drag the bag to the machine. I honest to god haven’t a clue how to do this; so I just stand here acting cute. The manager walks over and glares at me and works her magic. Wow I wish I had that kind of skill, putting ice into a machine will come in handy in life. Ice in a box… useful…
“Thanks,” I mutter.
“Jessica…” she begins. “You’re nice, you have a good positive attitude. But you’re just, really useless to our working area.” She smiles sadly.
“So I’m fired?” I say, and she nods. “Okay, since I no longer work for you, I can say: my name is Jesslyn not Jessica. Your hair is frizzy, your nose is really big and you’re a bitch.” I rip off the smock and toss it at her. She fired me, I didn’t know what I was doing, and no one taught me. So it’s her own fault.
I storm out of the crappy food place and sit on a bench in a park nearby. Well I’m not tired any more. I stride over to the swing set and swing by myself, just like in elementary school. By myself…
I smile slightly and swing a tad, not too high. I don’t want to look like an idiot. A breeze sweeps my hair, plays around with it then releases it. I can’t believe I was fired again. This is the third time this month. First the ice cream parlor, then the maid at the motel, and then the stupid fast food joint. Three of the easiest jobs in the whole freaking world!
There is something immensely wrong with me.
I'll save you soon. i glance around, what was that? it was like someone just whispered something in my ear, but no one is near. i whip my head in multiple directions but no one.
"Hello?" i croak.
“Jessy!” someone calls. I look up. Ah, my good friend Blake it was probably him. He’s cute, he’s sweet, and he’s single! Also my very close personal friend. Blake’s long black hair is in a pony tail, he keeps it like that because he works with cars. He’s sixteen yet he looks like he’s in his twenty’s. Since sixth grade, we’ve been the best of friends.
“Hey.” I stare at him. His shirt was covered in oil.
“What’s up, buttercup?” he smiles a big toothy grin, his teeth are very white.
“Well I got fired, again.” I shrug.
“Oh!” he messes up my hair. “Don’t worry about it. Just wasn’t the job for you.” He has perfect olive skin. He’s so cute; he could totally be popular at school, except he won’t talk to any of the popular people at school. He wouldn’t even date Britney Shay when she asked! She’s blond, rich, and has brains, he’s totally an idiot.
“Oh, and my brother came, and scared the crap out of me.” That makes him laugh. I look at my hands.
“What’s wrong?” he asks and stops laughing immediately.
“My dad wants me to be a doctor or something. So guess what happens to my dreams of becoming a writer?”
“Your father doesn’t have anything to do with what you are when you’re an adult. It’s not his choice,” he says his voice soft and steady. I smile weekly.
“Thanks,” I whisper. I look over at him, his big beautiful brown eyes staring out into another world. He really is gorgeous. My heart flutters a little bit. I’m fortunate to have him as a friend.
“You ever wonder if there’s a place better than this?” he asks his voice low, like someone might hear him. I swallow. “If there is I want it. And if I find it I’ll take you with me.” I flush.
“Thanks,” I mutter. His eyes still are looking out into the emptiness around him. He’s a dreamer; he sometimes runs up to me and tells me his wildest dreams. But he never tells me what he day dreams about. Not once. But he always looks happy wherever he is, he grins like a fool and laughs like the most hilarious joke has been told, and even talks to someone.
“Thanks,” he whispers looking at me from the corner of his eye.
I blink. “For what?” why so sudden? I didn’t do anything. Did I? Why am I so nervous?
He closes his eyes and smiles shyly. I gaze at him; strands hair from his pony tail fell in front of his face. I delicately brushed it out of the way.
His eyes snaps open and he flicks his head in my direction. “What?” he asks. Confusion scribbled on his face. Oh My Gosh; did I seriously just brush hair out of his face? Did I seriously just do something from a sappy chick flick?
“Uh… There was something on your face and it… um…Annoyed me, so I got rid of it…?”
Worst. Lie. Ever.
He laughed. He’s laughing at me. I feel like a brainless stick that has been snapped in half that’s going to be thrown into a pit of fire. Yeah not the best metaphor. I bite my lip because I’m too stupid to do anything else.
“Hey,” he chuckles. “My brake is almost over, I’ll pick you up later, and we’ll see a movie.” He stands to face me and squats down to see eye to eye with me. “Bye-bye Jessy.”
“Bye.” I whisper. He messes up my hair like old times then sprints off to work. Day two of summer, filled with fun in the sun, no job, no school, and a totally awesome best friend. A perfect summer.
I feel a warm tear roll down my cheek. I can’t I’m such a screw up. I get up slowly I can feel my whole body shake. I walk back to the stupid fast food restaurant and get my bike. I pedal slowly back to my house to face my dad and tell him that I lost my job.
This time he wasn’t angry, he just rolled his eyes and told me: if I want to accomplish anything in my life I should try and at least stay with something for more than a week… blah blah blah…
“Jesslyn?” My younger sister Kalena says. She crawls on two my lap, “Why was Mark here?”
“He wanted to say ‘hi’ but came at the wrong time,” I whisper in her ear.
“Jess,” my mom calls. “Blake just called he’ll be here in twenty minutes.” She looks like she just struck gold. “You should invite him to dinner!”
“No!” I say way too quickly. “We are going to the movies and maybe get something to eat, so maybe some other time.”
“Oh you’re going on a date!” she squeals. “What are you going to where?”
“Cloths?” I say. I know exactly where she’s going with this.
“NO! You have to look nice! I have a cute outfit just perfect for—“
“Mom he’s just a friend!” I bellow. I stand up shoving Kalena off of me. I can feel my face burning up. I stand mortified, I actually stood up, showing that I took her teasing to heart, and so she will never let it go.
“Oh go get ready!” she titters. I rush up the annoying stairs, so my messy room. Change out of my sweaty cloths in to something else, maybe something a little cuter.
I hear someone downstairs, Uh-oh! I dart down stairs. My mom was chatting happily with Blake. He’s being polite, like he always is with my parents. I stand at the bottom awkwardly as the awkward part of the conversation.
MOM: So where are you taking my daughter?
Blake: Just to the movie’s (Laughs nervously)
MOM: really! What are you going to see?
Blake: Whatever’s playing I guess…
MOM: Oh! Well just make sure it’s not a horror, she won’t sleep for a week!
Me: …
“So, are you coming back tonight?” she asks.
“Mom, it’s only five I’ll most likely be back before eight.” I grab Blake’s arm and drag him out before she can humiliate me anymore. He glances at me his cheeks burning bright as mine.
“That was awkward,” he says. He messes up his hair. “So to the movies?”
“Yeah.” I stride to the rusty pickup truck he drives. “Can I drive?”
“No,” he says bluntly. He’s the safest driver ever; he won’t ever let me drive. I don’t have even a permit. I don’t have a permit because my dad won’t let me get one, or even let me get behind the wheel.
“Fine,” I sigh and get in the passenger. I wait ten minutes till he thinks everything is in check. “Everything is fine!” I call over and over. He won’t listen, he needs to make sure: the wheels have the right amount of air; the mirrors are in perfect position; and everything else possible.
“Just want to be safe,” he explains. The boy who works with cars knows the damage that can be done I guess.
“So no scary movies?” he puts a pouty face on.
I studded for a moment, “Yes.” I cross my arms and glare out the window. Grate now he’s going to make me see a horror movie just to see me scream… he is such a jerk, a—
Wait… we just passed the movie theater. I look at him in question, he does nothing, just keeps driving. I grab on to something, I think he’s zoned out!
“Blake!” I scream over and over. He won’t flinch. Lights? A car Oh My God! “BLAAAKEE!!!”
“What?” he asks. Realization crosses his face, he swerves to the other side of the road, and stops the car. I rip my seat belt off and shoot out of the car. “Jess!” I ignore him. He grabs my hand and pulls me close to him; my eye’s hurt with tears.
“You could have gotten us killed!” I snap. “You idiot! I don’t care if you zone out in school, or at work. But don’t you ever zone out with me in the car!”
“I’m sorry, I’ll take you home,” his voice was just under a whisper. My hands tremble, I’m infuriated, my head throbs, and everything hurts!
“No, I refuse to get in a car with you,” I screech. I shake his arm off me, and storm off.
“What’s your problem?” He yells back stepping in front of me.
“My problem? Are you seriously asking that? Where driving then all of a sudden you head off to lala land and what happens next? An eighteen wheeler almost kills us! I’m going to be just fine with that.” Blake, his face was a red color, he was mad as I was.
“I can’t control if that happens or not! It just happens okay!” he takes a deep breath. “I’m sorry.”
“No, Blake, I’m sorry.” I step around him.
“Why are you always so uptight around me?” he asks. The color in his face was back, but his face was crippled, like he wanted to cry. A twinge of guilt panged in my stomach. “You never invite me to your house anymore, or come over to mine. Do you hate me?”
“No, it’s not that I hate you… did you just call me uptight?” he raised his eyebrows. “I don’t hate you.”
“Right,” he mumbles. He looks at the ground upset and embarrassed. He never acted like this before, if he’s upset he goes home, he never shows his sad face to me. I don’t know what to do…
“Blake…” I begin. He groans and turns to his car. “I’m sorry…” I whisper but he doesn’t hear me. He starts the car and leaves me.
“FINE! LEAVE, SEE IF I CARE!” I scream. I turn in the opposite direction in the path we came from.
He left me…
I wont ever leave you, it was the hissing voice as before...

Hey! i just want to thank all my fans an people who just stop bye to read a bit well heres the next chappy!

Submitted: May 23, 2011

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K L Copley

THERES SO MUCH I WANNA FIND OUT!!! i wanna know why he zones out, what her life changes to, and who that voice is!! :D hehehehe keep writing

Mon, August 1st, 2011 12:14pm


Lol all in good time! Why he Zones out is going to be uncoverd later in the book lol

Mon, August 1st, 2011 8:41am

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