Something around those lines Chapter 3

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Chapter three of something along those lines

Submitted: May 23, 2011

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Submitted: May 23, 2011



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It was a five hour walk, my feet are blistered. I sneak up to my room everyone have work, or in Kalena’s position Pre-K tomorrow. I lay in my bed silently, I won’t cry, today was a very suckish day.

I can’t get over that he left me. What kind of jerk would leave a girl on the side of the road! Oh wait I know the answer to that! Blake!

I scream into my pillow and then chuck it at the wall. I bawl my eyes out, for two hours. I glance at the clock, its 10:48. I groan and cover my head with my blankets. I shouldn’t be crying, I should be out and about trying to get a boyfriend or something. But he left me! I wouldn’t mind as much if I wasn’t forty miles away.

Unbelievable. I know I’m a loser, but I didn’t think someone would just dump me on the side of the road. Especially Blake, he was always such a nice person, he was so kind and sweet and he just ditched me.

“Jesslyn,” my mother coos, opening my door. “Blake is here and he really needs to talk to you.”

“Tell him to go to hell and stick it were the sun don’t shine!” I spit. I am not going to see him.

“Okay!” she sings closing the door.

“Hey,” the deep seductive voice of Blake mumbles after a few moments, closing the door. “We need to talk.”

“No, we don’t,” I reply. “You left me.”

“Let me explain,” he begs. “I need to tell you something, but I think you will take it the wrong way.” His eyes plead for me to understand, but I don’t want to, no matter how much my gut is telling me to listen, everywhere else says to make him go away.

I swallow my pride and nod. “Make it quick. I don’t want to hear you all day. I have things to do.”

“Like what? Cry all day?” he laughs. I raise my eyebrows, and cross my arms. “Sorry.”

“Hurry up and tell me what I’m going to take the wrong way,” I hiss.

“I want you to come with me,” he says fast in one breath. His face is nervous. I blink a few times having not a clue where that means. ‘Come with me’?

“Where?” I ask after a few confusing moments.

“I’ll show you. I know if I tell you, you won’t believe me.”

“What? Are you a Marshal or an FBI agent?” I ask.

“No, this is so much cooler,” he smiles a spite filled grin and pulls me off my bed and holds my shoulders tight. “Please, I know you won’t like it but please come with me. Mark is even there.”

“My brother?” I inquire. “Why is he… where ever you’re talking about?” I shake his arms off.

“He’s like me. You need to come with me before it’s too late,” he begs.

“No…” I say bluntly.

“I knew you were going to say that.” He bends over and lifts me on to his shoulder. “Now you are coming with me.”

“Blake put me down!” I scream. I start kicking and punching him. Son of a bitch. “MOM!”

“Yes dear?” she sings prancing into my room. “Oh my goodness!”

“She won’t listen,” Blake say’s quickly. “I’m going to tell her everything.”

“Oh well have fun!” my mother giggles. You want to know who she reminds me of… mini mouse. Her voice is high and squeaky and she hasn’t a care in the world. Stupid mini mouse mom.

He walks over to the window and opens it. I gasp and thrust my legs upward to try and kick him in the face but failed epically. Before I know it my hair is whipping my face, then we hit the ground with a low thud. I saw the grass wave goodbye to me as Blake carried my away.

“Did you seriously just jump out of the window!” I screech.

“Yeah,” he chuckles stupidly.

“Well let me down!”


He drops me on the ground, I glare up at him. “Gently!” I spit.

“Oops.” He grabs my arm and heaves me up. “You where the one that struggled.”

I walk around to the front door, I open the door. “You are not going anywhere!” Blake picks my up so he’s cradling me in his arms. His lips only inches away from mine; I feel my face heat up. My heart skips a beat.

“I won’t struggle,” I mutter. I stare at his lips, he licks them. He gazes into my eyes, and smirks. “You want to kiss me!” I snort.

“Oh please! If I wanted to kiss you I would have,” he spits. “We have to leave.”

He slides me into the passenger side of his truck. I buckle myself up and watch him as he does the same. Butterflies slip into my stomach, I pull my legs close to my chest. Then he floors it.

“You didn’t check everything!” My eyes widen in shock, he always tests everything.

“Well I don’t really care.” This is how he drives I think. The speedometer reads 105 MPH. This is amazing; right now all I desire is to though my head back and laugh like a fool. Houses and trees blur as we zip past them. I want to continue to drive like this. I want this rush. I want—

“Oof!” I gasp as we come to an instant stop. “Ow.”

“Sorry Jess.” He jumps out and opens my door. He holds out his hand to me and gives me a reassuring grin. I grab it slowly.

“You won’t like this,” he tells me again.“But please don’t run after you find out.”

Dont get used to this Jesslyn... You wont have this much longer.

i think i should see a doctor, because this voice in my head is making my flip. i dont know if it's my imagenation or if i'm going insane, i really hope it my imgaination. dear God dot let me be gong insane.

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