Cold Concrete Floor

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I entered this poem into a competition recently, I haven't received the results yet but thought I'd share it.

The cold concrete floor,

Always there, forever there,

Waiting for you to fall,

To break, to cry, to fall.

The trust you build,

The lies you create,

All above the foundations

Of that cold concrete floor.

The sympathy, and empathy,

The love, and the compliments,

The pressure and hate that follows,

Pushing you to the cold concrete floor.

Beckoning. Laughing.

Mocking. Teasing.

The whispers and rumours,

Engulfing you, on the cold concrete floor.

Until you get up,

And your life begins again,

When the cold concrete floor turns

To soft, warm carpet.

And your life begins again.

Submitted: November 13, 2012

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