A Poem For Him - Gone But Never Forgotten

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When my dad passed away, I had no idea how I would continue living. Times were hard and sometimes, they still are. I was told to write a poem to read out at his funeral. I never actually got to finish reading it due to a lot of tears from both me & several family members. So here's my chance to write it & complete it.

Submitted: August 20, 2012

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Submitted: August 20, 2012



I did not want to say goodbye,

But I did not have a choice.

Though whatever I wonder,

I will always here your voice.


You’re still here with us, I know it,

You can never go far,

Because I didn’t even tell you,

That you’ll always be my one and only star.


There hasn’t been a day that’s gone by

Where I haven’t thought of you and your special shine,

I would’ve done anything

To get a glimpse of you, daddy, just one last time.


Daddy please don’t forget me,

And come and visit me soon,

Because I miss you every morning,

And every afternoon.


Words can’t describe it,

I just feel so empty, lost and weak.

You were my here and saviour,

The one I loved so deep.


Mummy says she loves you a lot,

She is coping but only just.

You must look after us all,

I am still standing but anytime soon, may just fall.


I didn’t think this would ever happen,

And I promise to make you proud.

To wake up every day,

And to celebrate your wonderful life.


I act like you’re still here,

I see your smiling face.

I see you when I close my eyes,

But I’ve been told you’re in a much better place.


I know you’re watching over us all,

I know you’ve seen me cry.

But I know you still love me daddy,

And when I’m always asking why.


Daddy, do you think of me?

Are you there as I wake up?

Are you with me whilst I’m at school?

When I was told the news, did you hear my heart stop?


There’s an empty space in my heart,

The one that was only for you.

I need that part daddy,

Do you miss me too?


Daddy, you were truly an angel,

May your soul rest in peace.

I know you’re looking down on me smiling,

You’re sending that gentle breeze.


Do you wish you had stayed?

Do you wish you could see us once more?

Or do you feel like me? Useless and afraid?

Because I’m feeling all of that,

So daddy I’m begging you,

Please come back.



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