Tragic love tale

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I wrote this such a long time ago. This is such a close piece. I wrote it with such passion.

Submitted: June 04, 2008

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Submitted: June 04, 2008



The imagination of a true love passion,
Burns  my soul in a old timed fashion.

I lay here all fragile and pale,
Feeling my heart beat slower and slower,
As the light begins to unveil.

I don’t write this with ink and paper,
But rather with my mouth of breathing vapor.

Words tremble like none I’ve told,
These lyrics tumbling as I lay here cold.

Phases of my life are discovered,
None more hidden then the romance,
They all had wondered.

You sit here sobbing at my death,
Holding my hand as you hope for another breath,
But I cannot feel the warmth from your heart,
Unlike I did in 1922, when this love tale began its start.

A cold winter night, all alone and froze,
Your arms wrap around my body so cold,
The body heat you let out,
Made my soul cry in a shout.

We had healed eachother of our sorrows,
I fell in love, leaving those deeply hollows.

First year of our passion,
Never died like last year’s fashion,
It was hot and cold in a time,
Allowing our minds to pause and rewind.

Rewinding to that cold summer’s night,
When we held eachother so very tight.

That cold mid evening,
We fell in a sleeping.

It has been called a deception,
But we know our own interpretation.

Love was opened to our minds,
Showing us the definition of a life with no lies.

Next decade was a celebration never to last,
Was so true and very fast,
Made our passion never die,
Showed our hearts in a lie.

You asked my hand in a marriage to be,
Baby I believed in this chemistry.

First years of our commitment,
Two daughters resulting in our misapprehension.

One was Rose, the other was Liz,
Both going into the theatre biz.

Ended up on Broadway,
Showing off their names to be,
But our true love story,
Ended in tragedy.

The year of 1950 was the months of no rest,
We woke from our very best,
Waking up first in the real world,
Never finding eachother was a war.

Passion we had in the twenties,
Fading out like happy endings,
We were the once was; never the forever,
Boy, what happened to our happy ever after?

Three decades lost and passed,
We hadn’t seen eachother in so long,
Our bodies never comprehending our tragic song.

I now lay my body to rest,
Allowing my soul to be a mess.

I allow our mistakes to shine right through,
Though our mind and body will never do.

I must now tell what happened,
On the day of December twelve.

I was mad at you so,
Because you were drunken like no time before,
I never knew this side of you,
And it scared me to the core.

I say our love is a mistake,
Though I never expected what I had to take,
From saying those words,
Was a horrible, horrible mistake.

Love was broken
Hearts were torn,
Promises shattered,
And hope was no more.

That’s the fairytale of a could have been,
But never was.

Now I lay my body, soul, and mind to rest,
Leaving you to die here without me so,
Hoping you feel the way I do,
When you broke me in two.

December twelfth, it had to be,
I died with a broken harmony.

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