vanish away

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you know what happens when life takes you away from your safe territory . you vanish away

Submitted: December 18, 2014

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Submitted: December 18, 2014



a young girl with an innocent mind are rare to find .

a guy who loves a woman for her heart are difficult to locate . And a secure place to let youself be heard is in ones power.

So why risk the chances of loosing yourself. Whats the point of letting yourself be gone . And come back to a cold sinful place .

when all you love and all u wanted was to have fun but you end up destroying your safe place .

Why search for answers that have not even been question yet . Why go find something that is already well known to you and others .

why enters the devils gate when you know heaven is just a step away from your decicion .

Danger is in your eyes . Lust lies in your body . and a sinful gut lies in the constant beating of your heart .

How they have not been answers you seek for, but Question you are trying to fnd .

That one shall tell you who you are and know that wherever you going will finish your life away .

After you have commited you mistake , know that you been caught, been seeing and been spot forever.

Its been to stay humble then stay wasted . Let eyes seek you not lips speak speak of you .

for Danger will one day trap you and you will sadly vanish away from all harm.

Dont be seeking but be seeing . Dont be spoken but speaking . For i know the different of both witch . And other should speak in my behalf .

But if you have fallen then vanish away .


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