767 Worried Child (Kiev Down?)

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Inspired, raw social prose commentary poem that bleed from the empathetic imagination engine as tears fell.

Submitted: January 21, 2014

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Submitted: January 21, 2014



Love to hate

The poetic voice

Bursting me inside

Not to use it: the crime

Yet I cry as I write!


Closet of shadows

Cell phone tracked fear

Protest lead to stolen parents 

From where memory was born

Consciousness heart of hope broken

The day anti-gas mask laws 

Opposition police force(d)

Poison down throats

Truth like freedom

Has passed out



Worried child

Pressure to submit

Laws abide every hour

Until your calm and silent

Down on all fours

Lying for life

To survive


Sick like a rose

Red tongue broke

Confession came to quick

Rest under the barrel of silence

Waiting for the no trigger warning pull

Political dagger clause finger scar marks 

Open government branded wound

Festering dismantled pregnancy

Amputee of law's pendulum

Neglect life to control

Greed confirmation

Avarice's constant

War > All


Worried child

Submit to Avarice

War is her judgement

Laws silence the thought crown

Abide every hour in silence

Dance in addiction's ruin

Until you're utterly calm

Down on all fours

Lying to yourself

Just to survive

Another night

Of greed


Wilted roses

Pockmark graves

Unjustly laid to rest

Children of the poison

Age of greed's threat

Amputees of hope

War the synonym

Of Avarice



Equal to write

Swallow the bottle

Believe in wealthiness

Karma stole faith in a flash

Dictatorship vs the arsonists

Band of heroes staining history

Like wilted roses pockmarking graves

Dawn stained red by unrest the third day

State ignites controversy instead of dialogue

Harsh no one ever wins violent conflict

Families forced to intake poison

Law neglected vile dreams

Toxic rules on display

Whose demons

Are guessing

At the storm




Yet another torn generation?

Witnesses to false confessions

Laws impregnating fear

Abiding of violence

Black rain clouds

Of falling tears

Rife of loss


Laws have the right

To steal us into ashes

Installed by political thieves

Assassinating all our hope

From life's equation

A puzzle of war's,



War zone eulogy home

Unspoken word aftermath

Foreshadowing outlined in bold

Lost humanity Armageddon come

Neglected rights dismantle pregnancy

Amputate the pendulum of freedom

Hope was but the ashes of cancer

Lungs breathe in the guarantee

Soaked in reasonable loss

Violence is the dialogue

Confirming lives

Lost at sea

of tears


Oh, Kiev 

Society lost

Worried child

Trapped in isolation

Closet laws of shadow

Suppression abides every hour

Until silence claims the calm

Soaking up hope's loss

Its amputated marrow

Down on all fours

Lying for a moment

No pregnancy survives

Another holocaust of rights

An introduction to the reset

Programme to extinguish

Hope's autobiography

From human space

Sandcastle Kiev

Are you falling? 


A Morbid Social Poetic Commentary 

Raw and hoping for equality

99 to 1% have rights...

Don't we?


Cunning political decline of empathy absorbed fallen synapse of rest save the peace brought to you by war: Synonym for progress! A hive mind state analyses at the core of pride, Produced a hybrid word weaving that cursed humanity's children with apathy's subconscious plague.


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