Bitter Remix XV (Lost Girl I)

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A Social Sad Prose Poetry Commentary

Submitted: January 16, 2014

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Submitted: January 16, 2014




Internal paranoia auditorium for multiple schizophrenic selves adopted the triforce stance of saving every moment's awareness as a harbourous sand castle safe emotion terror haven for the half conscious broken memorandum downed the clause lost witness who set themselves before the dais of the mirror's strangely dim self projection analysed forever in a second no less than oblivion's stolen shelves of memories attempting to bare testimony of past convictions to the host!

Whose bystander ghost effect has token caused 99.9% lingering damage to the tesseract of her heart's cubic 8 bit symphony confinement that transmits an isolating message of dire abstract wilted reliance on lucid day twilight lidless inner eye dreams bound by chains of fire infuse stained mirror sand that is the swollen belly of ritual white eye tumour blindness unwilling to distil the over time spent under the obsidian charred wings of her guardian bruised angel who fell down and abused out from heaven's stairs off the biblical avenue of achievement misery beheld upon the restless happily overture bent in dreams backwards over pages of the last surviving magazine built by the internal images of masculinity's stress the sexual relationship via tension whilst in delusions he finishes in another air brushed woman whose name was mother that strived to be the arbiter of joy trapped in algorithms of arms under plagued holy skin ground that evaporates water of joy amidst the everlasting anchorage of regret where dread flag naught ships drown in illusionary images of worry's lost phantom causality limb of hope...

In earnest anticipation of,

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