Love You Forever And Always till i die

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Miley falls in love with Liam but her parents want her to marry Jake. So she has to go through stuff to show them Liam is a better husband.

Submitted: June 14, 2012

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Submitted: June 14, 2012



Hey, my name is Miley.  My parents are very strict. I was born on the same day as the guy that lives next to me. His name is Jake. Our parents will never move away from eachother. They have this insane idea that "We will grow up fall in love and have 3 children". I don't like him. I'm only 16, but i have a different boyfriend. I'm currently dating Liam Worthless. He's worth everything to me. I love him. But my parents hate him. Heres where we go back to when i was trying to get my parents to like him.

Its Saturday. Ring-ring. I hear the door bell ring. I get up and get the door. It's Liam for dinner.

"Hey." I say and we kiss.

"Hey, does your arents still hate me?" He asks.

"Yea but come on." We walk out the door.  We head down the street. Theres a place to get married there. We walk in they take us immediately. We get changed and we are married in minutes. We've been planning this for weeks. We head back to my place. My parents are furious. They kick me out and throw all my stuff out the door. Me and Liam are grabbing  all my things when my dad comes out with his rifle. He shoots at Liam but misses. We run for his car but my dad shoots again and this time he doesn't miss. Then, he shoots at me. He hits me. Jake comes running out of his house. He calls 911. I hear Jake's mom yelling Liam is dead what about miley? I know i'm still alive. If i could i would cry, i loved Liam. I hear the ambulence coming. They pick me up and put me in the ambulence. I pass out in the car. I'm not dead though. Thats all i can remember.

"Thank you for telling me" Mrs. Mars says. She's my thearapist.

"Your welcome. Bye" I get up and walk away, fast.

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