white is my favorite color

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I guess if I had to give this a genre, I would have to call it "Redman Blues."

Submitted: August 13, 2012

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Submitted: August 13, 2012



you never ask me about being indian.

you never ask me because

you know all about it.


you have seen enough westerns

and heard enough stories from your




to know that:


indians must always wear a headband.

boys get one feather,

girls get two

(or is it vice versa?)...


and a real warrior

always wears a loin-cloth

and carries a tommy-hawk

and a bow

and a quiver full of arrows

and a rock.


and a true maiden squaw

always wears two braids

and a buckskin dress

while carrying a pot of water

atop her head

without spilling a drop

or breaking a feather.

she should also carry a

papoose strapped to a


in her arms.


you know my family

(though chahta and ani yun wiya)

lives in a teepee with

a pack of wolves.

inside our teepee,

we smoke pot out of a peace pipe

and beat on drums.

outside, there is a very elaborate

(and surprisingly permanent)

totem pole

right next to where we

tie up our horses.


you know if it is raining,

i stayed awake all night



you know HOW

to say hello in my

native tongue.


you know that my

family's favorite sports teams

are as follows:

atlanta braves,

cleveland indians,

washington redskins.

this is because we are proud

of our heritage.


you know my last name

is white because it had been

white-feather or white-deer or


until we came into the country

and shortened it

for your convenience.


you know that if you

piss me off,

i may scalp you in your sleep.


all of this

(and so much more)

you know.

but, you don't know

that white is my favorite color

because it makes

me laugh.






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