Listen I matter

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we can't for get about the opinion of our love ones. Always remember they also have a voice and they should matter as you matter to them...

Submitted: July 12, 2012

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Submitted: July 12, 2012



It's not if I'm or happy, it's not if I have everything in the world or not. It's the fact that I never get to say whats in my mine. It;s those days when I wish to be heared and give my oppinion and for some one to listen but no one does.

At times I wish to be able to make a decicion and for it to be right. For some one to say "hey she said something lets hear it".

Its just those days when I feel left out and simply nothing matters. As bad as I wish to be able to feel that I fit in, I know thats just not true. Since life is not so easy I know getting around wont be either. do 

Yes confusing moment do hit my mine from time to time, but I know I'll always be hear and walk around everything and every one just to keep everything equal between you and me. May be its not right but one day things will change.

 As I hope to one day not far from to day things can be more different and one day you'll take into consideration that I also have a voice, toughts and ideas and they should matter to you as they matter to me....

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