A Nameless Hero

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a man stands up as a hero

Submitted: March 07, 2013

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Submitted: March 07, 2013



During the American Revolution there were many unnamed heroes, this is one.

At Concord the minute before they began to battle the British ordered them to surrender. One man stood

"I will never submit as long as there is hope for hope is not what is created but what is had. I will never submit as long as there is an idea of freedom of my fellow citizens. That is why i stand to protect not my own but all. WE WILL NOT BE SLAVES WE ARE FREE!!!!!!"

The same man fired hitting three British. Shooting like crazy he took down many but in the end there was a bang and blood came from his side. He dropped. The General rushed over knowing he would lose this brave young soldier. Before he died the man shot at the british general hitting him in the heart.

"Never give up. We are Americans"

The general said "Names and reasons may be forgotten but deeds are eternal. You will be remembered."

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