The Anti-cheer

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He He Ho Ho Ha Ha.... i don't know really what to say about this but i love it if every one told me how they feel about all my works they read (and this one) lol :)

Submitted: September 27, 2012

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Submitted: September 27, 2012



We hold our strength to the ground.

For we are not so earth bound.

So who are you to say we are.

For we are the top bar.

Can you beat us now?

Or are you just a fat cow?

Walk, walk work it baby

Why are you so fashion crazy?

Lets go team, lets go team, take our school to victory

We don’t care if your tired, were just here for your desire.

We both know that we beat you ,

But you’ll soon find out how much we need you.

Were rising from the bottom to the top and you can’t make us stop,

Your taken a fall when you can’t pass the mall just cryin’ in the bathroom stall.

Cheerleader, cheerleader take us away,

To your land of fun and play.

Let’s go back, way, way back to when your mascara was runnin’ black

Theirs no one for the blame,

You’re just really that plain.

Walkin out on the field,

Oh just take another slim pill.

Cheerin’ our team to victory,

Why are so mean to me?

So you think you can beat us now.

But your still just another fat cow.

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