LCOC Christmas 4: Joseph and Mary

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic
A brief dialogue between Joseph and Mary, re-imagined as modern high school students.
Originally written for the Christmas 2010 program at Littleton Church of Christ in Centennial, CO.

Submitted: August 09, 2011

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Submitted: August 09, 2011




Overview: Portrayed by two teenagers. Joseph is dressed in ratty street clothes, with disheveled hair and a sour look on his face. Mary is dressed simply and modestly, already noticeably pregnant.


(Joseph enters, walking heavily. Mary is struggling up the stage stairs.)

MARY(winded) Hey, Joseph, could you wait for me?

JOSEPH(stopping with a huff, crossing his arms impatiently.) Wait for you, Mary? Why? It’s not like you waited for me.

MARYI told you, I didn’t cheat on you. I’m still a virgin.

(she tries to touch his face, but he pulls away.)

JOSEPH(chuckles angrily) Is that your story? The stork delivered that…thing? (indicating to her belly)

MARYDon’t call him a thing. He’s a baby, and we’re naming him Jesus. Just like Gabriel told me.

JOSEPHGabriel? Is that the guy who got you pregnant?

MARYNo, I already told you, Joe. Gabriel’s an angel.

JOSEPHGuys that knock up other people’s girlfriends aren’t angels.

MARY(signs angrily) Gabriel is literally an angel, sent by God to tell me I’m pregnant. This is God’s child.

JOSEPHSo...God knocked you up?

MARYWhat, No! Well, I mean kinda...but not like…I don’t know. (sighs heavily) Are you wanting out?

JOSEPHI don’t know, Mair. I’ve gotta... (turns away from her) I’ve gotta think about some things.

(He steps to the other side of the stage. He and Mary begin addressing the audience in alternating monologues.)

JOSEPHI can’t believe she cheated on me. Mary’s so innocent, so pure. Not the cheating type or the lying type. Something wonky’s going on. She was raised just as conservatively as I was, so... (groans) I can’t imagine what her dad thinks about me right now. Whatever mistake she made, it’s her mistake. I should just dump her I can’t just leave her. (growls) Why do I love her so much?

MARY(morosely) Why doesn’t he love me? If he did, he’d see I’m telling the truth! I didn’t ask for this. Who would? I’m just a teenager, but a mom? I’ve got a life, friends, a wonderful boyfriend…hopefully. Five years from now, maybe. I haven’t even begun to experience the world yet. God, give me five more years. Please. Not now, Lord. Why now?

JOSEPHWhy now, Mair? I can’t support a baby on a fast-food paycheck. Or you. I know our parents will make us get married, which I’m cool with anyway cuz I love you...but just not right now. I wanted to go to college. Get a good job. Wait! That must be it. You didn’t want me to go away to college and leaving you behind. Is that why you did this? Why else? You never cared much for college.

MARYI was excited about college, but I guess I can’t now. God’s punishing me with this baby, so I have no option. Joe’s working that minimum wage job. He has no ambition to do anything great. I did: go into business, make a name for myself. Who’s gonna remember me now? Mary the virgin teen mother! I’ll be the butt of every joke. No wonder Joe wants to leave me.

JOSEPHMary is...the best thing that ever happened to me. I only earn minimum wage, but for a while, I was the richest guy on earth, because I had Mair. I don’t want to break up with her, but what choice do I have? This isn’t my fault! She cheated on me! And I don’t know if I accept the consequences of her mistake. She forced me to break up with her. (somber pause) And I can’t hardly stand to think about it. After all we’ve gone through. Why now, Mair?

MARYWhy now, God?

JOSEPHThe timing really blows.

MARYSeriously! This baby...

JOSEPHThat thing is just..’s just


BOTHInconvenient! (they both sigh together)

JOSEPHIf only Mary and I could agree on this. I guess my only option is break it off. (he glances over at her, and starts to walk over there before turning back to the audience, clearly hesitant) I just can’t bear to do it now. Tomorrow. Work myself up to it and end it tomorrow. (he looks at Mary once more and exits.)

MARY(glances in Joseph’s direction remorsefully) I wish he could have been with me when Gabriel came. I can’t convince him, but that angel would have. Maybe it won’t be bad, being a single mom. Maybe my parents’ll help me with the hospital bills until I can find a job…with a daycare. (she begins hobbling offstage before stopping and forcing a smile) Merry Christmas.


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