LCOC Christmas 5: The Knowledge-Hungry Magi

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A brief monologue by one of the magi who sought the Messiah, re-imagined as a modern academic biblical scholar.
Originally written for the Christmas 2010 program at Littleton Church of Christ in Centennial, CO.

Submitted: August 09, 2011

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Submitted: August 09, 2011




Character overview: The wiseman is dressed smartly with a rigid posture. At the beginning of his monologue, he/she speaks with pomp, but upon being humbled, speaks more colloquially.


I know you are perhaps surprised to see a man of my intellect here, but as not only one of the leading researchers in Messianic studies, but an actual witness to the event in question, I felt my opinion of great priority in our present discussion. The birth of Messiah.

Messiah: noun, Classical Hebrew, literally “anointed of God” and used of kings ordained by God. Saul, David, Solomon, they were literal messiahs, but my study specializes on the Messiah. Not just a king, but the King of all kings. The social liberator who would reestablish world peace, depose dictatorships, effect justice to the impoverished and oppressed, and lead us back to dominion beneath our God and Creator.

As stated, I am not merely an expert, but a witness on the matter, for as I studied the signs of the coming Messiah, I began noticing many of them were actually occurring before my eyes. Yes, that’s what I said. I correctly deduced the signs of God, interpreted the ramifications of this event, and then successfully raised funds for a few kingly gifts and also airfare for myself and two associates to follow the signs to Messiah.

En route, I pondered what he might be like. The King of Kings must be a powerful leader, right? Perhaps not an actual king, providing most nations are now run by Presidents and Prime Ministers. Ergo, I predicted Washington, D.C., the head of the greatest power of our Age. But the signs led us West. Okay, so I got one wrong. Then I calculated Tokyo as the destination. Again, my guess was erroneous.

We passed all the major powers: China, Russia, India, Iran, Iraq, Turkey. Every time I incorrectly anticipated the stop. Finally we then stopped in Jerusalem. Made sense, I guess. Israel’s becoming a world player again, and the Jews are the main ones awaiting Messiah.

But then, God led us away from the Capitol, into the country. Okay, the Messiah’s a regional governor. Not a stretch to accept. Then, we come across the place, this Podunk town named Bethlehem. (hesitantly) The Mayor…I hope?

The signs led us to a Budget Inn. Forget four star; it was half-a-star at best, so even if the guy was the manager, I wouldn’t be impressed. And there, sitting practically out on the street, not even in a room, was this lower class couple. And it wasn’t even them. It was their newborn baby.

We’d come all that way for a king, but found a baby instead. No recent royal blood in him. No high upbringing to promise greatness. Actually, with his upbringing, I doubted he’d even get proper schooling. (laughs disheartedly) We looked at the kingly gifts we’d brought, then at this penniless family, and set the gifts there on the concrete at a loss for words.

My calculations, my late hours of researching, my whole expectations of the Messiah...had been wrong. I had been wrong. God logic does not match ours. We expect reform to come from rulers and prestige from aristocracy, but God brought his King into insignificance and poverty. His plan is clearly different than we expected, but then again, I guess it’s working out better than anticipated too.

After all, the Messiah has already started putting the proud, (indicating self) stuck-up people of the world in their place. And that’s just as a baby.

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