LCOC Christmas 6: The Construction Workers

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A brief comedic dialogue between three construction workers "working" night-shift when angels appear to them proclaiming the Messiah's birth. A modernization of the shepherd narrative.
Originally written for the Christmas 2010 program at Littleton Church of Christ in Centennial, CO.

Submitted: August 09, 2011

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Submitted: August 09, 2011




Overview: three unnamed construction workers--ONE, TWO and THREE. ONE is the professional "boss," TWO an ambitious international, and THREE is really just lazy.


(Lights fade on to show three construction workers. ONE and TWO are “working” diligently – ONE checking his clipboard diligently and TWO signaling an unseen truck with his arms – while THREE reclines against the wall.)

TWO(noticing THREE resting) Hey, whatchu doing?

THREEStop botherin’ me, dude, I’m sleepin’!

TWOHey, whatchu sleepin for, man?

THREELeave me alone.

TWOYou gonna get in trouble.

THREEDude, we work graveyard shift, on E470. Nobody’s gonna care how hard I’m working.

TWO(Quietly) Hey, man. The boss is coming!

THREE(hops up and hurries over to TWO) Dude, the boss ain’t here!

TWO(chuckles annoyingly) Hey, at least you working now like the rest of us.

THREEYou’re just standing there waving your arms in the air at no one.

TWOI been doing this for three hours, man. Maybe I get promoted to clipboard.

(TWO and THREE look at ONE)

ONEWhateva, guys. This is complicated stuff.

THREE(stepping behind ONE, talking to TWO) And this dude’s just doing a word search. Neither of you’s working.

ONEIt’s work related! See the title? “Things on the construction site”

TWOHey, sounds legitimate to me.

THREELemme see that, dude. Hmm. I guess it is work related.

ONEThank you!

THREEHey, dude, look. There’s “Shepherd” right there.


THREEYeah, right there.

ONEWhat do shepherds have to do with construction workers?

TWOHey, Shepherd Construction, man. Outta England.

THREEPretty big, dude.

ONEHow do you guys even know this?

(TWO and THREE look at each other)

THREECuz we’re construction workers, dude.

TWO(stops waving his arms) Hey, time for my break. (He steps to the side and begins stretching erratically)

THREEBreak from what, dude? You weren’t know what never mind.

ONEKinda quiet tonight, huh, guys?

THREE(he sits down on the floor, resting his chin in his hand.) It’s quiet every night. That’s why I like this shift.

ONEBecause we get nothing done, or because we have no chance of promotion? Or maybe because absolutely no one in this industry has ever taken us seriously?

THREE(yawning) Sure, yeah, whatever dude.

ONEI mean, what’d we do that the boss stuck us with graveyard shift? Or are we just that insignificant? We’re all intelligent enough that (looks at TWO’s erratic calisthenics) mostly all intelligent. Someone must see some value in us...right. (looks at THREE, who appears asleep.)

THREE(after a brief pause) Forget it, dude. We ain’t nothing to nobody.

(The house lights drop to black and the workers cry out in fear.)

TWOHey, I still got three minutes break!

THREEI’m awake! I’m awake!

ONEWhat’s happening, guys?

(The spotlight beams down on the workers, showing them cowering together unmanly. A soothing female voice speaks to them.)

AngelFear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.

(a choral song resonates the auditorium, then the houselights return and the spotlight dims. The three workers realize their unmasculine behavior and hurriedly correct it. They are speechless until THREE breaks the silence.)

THREEDude! What was that?

ONEAn angel, I think.

THREENo, I mean what was that about? I couldn’t understand that King James mumbo jumbo.

ONEShe was telling us about the Messiah.

THREEThe mess? What type of mess?

TWO“Good Tide, great Joy.” She’s selling cleaning products, man.

THREEOh, yeah. My wife uses Tide and Joy at our house.

TWOYou’re not married, man.

THREEOkay, my momma, then. (to angelic light) Sorry, lady. Not interested.

ONENo, you guys. The Messiah – Christ the Lord – he’s the one that’s gonna clean up our mess, with everything. We’ve gotten ourselves in a mess with disobeying God, with losing sight of God’s overall plan for humanity, with our countries fighting each other for self-centered reasons, (emphatically) with our leaders giving good people the dead-end midnight shift. The Messiah’s gonna fix it all.

THREEBut…she told us? She must have called Obama first, right? How about that preacher guy at our church? Do they know?

ONEI...don’t know. Maybe we’re the first to find out.

TWOHey, first to find out! We gonna be famous! On the news, man!

THREEWhat should we do?

TWOYeah, man. We’ve still got work.

ONE(throws down his clipboard.) Forget our job! Let’s go see this Messiah. (he exits)

THREEDon’t we need to RSVP or something, dude? (he exits)

TWOHey, which news channel we calling to meet us?

(After TWO gets no response, he begins to follow them before spotting the clipboard on the stage. Smiling wide, he trots over to it and snatches it up, waving it in the air excitedly.)

TWOHey, I promoted to clipboard!

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