LCOC Christmas 7: God

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A brief monologue by God to summarize the meaning of Christmas in the wake of the previous six skits' suggestions.
Originally written for the Christmas 2010 program at Littleton Church of Christ in Centennial, CO.

Submitted: August 09, 2011

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Submitted: August 09, 2011




Monologue originally delievered on December 26, 2010, the day after Christmas.


Merry Christmas, dearest children. Yes, Merry Christmas; for Christmas continues on.

I know I always seem distant. This world you’ve made for yourselves is painful, and you say, “Why doesn’t our ‘loving’ Heavenly Father save us from our misery?” You cry out to me, then feel shunned when I don’t respond, at least not with words your ears perceive. Or when the clouds part and life gives you a ray of sunshine and you praise me as God, as far as many of you are concerned, I listen silently, thanklessly.

Trust me, I am with you. This holiday I suffered with you in your struggles, delighted in your joys, endured your grumbling, and still passionately loved each of you. Just as I always have, every day since I made you, but even more so during Christmas, which is why I'm addressing you today.

Christmas is a special holiday, for me and my Creation, and this marvelous event affected everyone so differently because everyone needed it so differently. The downside is, now anyone searching for the meaning of Christmas finds numerous answers. Therefore, I felt a certain obligation to clarify my purpose this occasion.

Christmas is about…presence. No, not wrapped gifts, though those things are nice. Christmas is about my presence, my very being made present to the world, presented as a present so I'll always be present with you - past, present, and future. (chuckles) I lost a few of you there.

In the Beginning, I formed you out of love, but you struggled to relate to me: invisible, eternal, never changing, ever loving. Despite how hard I tried, you eventually lost sight of me and wandered away, (restraining tears) toward death. I called out to you, to save you, but you wouldn't return. So, I gave a few of you my message of love to carry to the world, but you kept it for yourselves, even proudly used it to exclude others from returning to me. After that, I sent several messengers to you, my original messengers, to remind you to remind the world about me, (exhausted sigh) but by then, you barely remembered me at all. That was the moment I painfully admitted to myself, you weren't coming back to me.

(Softly) So instead, I came to you.

(Slowly growing in intensity) Physically indwelt in flesh, I set aside my godliness so you could better relate to me. So I could tear down all the barriers between us, especially the ones you built yourselves. So you could see how far I was willing to go for you. So I could tell you myself, “I have not abandoned you! I have not forgotten you. I cannot – and as God Almighty, I will not – stand our separation one instant longer.”

Christmas is the day I recommitted myself to bringing you back to me. I came to rescue you, and I never left. That's why it’s so important to me.

When you feel your lowest, your most broken, I’m here. Even if you blame me for your own mistakes, I’m here. Even if you hear the great plans I have for you, but ignore me completely and continue your self-pleasing depravity, I am here. For you.

Christmas is my presence, so its not about one day. Only the beginning of all of our days together, you and me. My presence will never abandon you. I will never forsake you. Even through the end of time. Because I love you all so dearly.

Merry Christmas.

© Copyright 2017 K D Walker. All rights reserved.

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