A mystery story sort of thing....

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A man. An incident. A mystery. A short mystery with a comedic twist.

Submitted: August 14, 2012

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Submitted: August 14, 2012





Gary, Indiana 1993

I was dancing in the wind. For a second I could of sworn I saw my kids riding a pink elephant. They seemed happy and had small clown hats on. My wife kept punching me in the arm but I didn’t feel a thing. The ocean had yellow and light green stripes running across. As I returned to watching my kids, I heard this dog barking. The barking and barking. For a second I looked for a whistle to blow at it, but I just wanted it to stop. After another bark I woke up.

The room was dark and as I rolled my head my wife wasn’t punching me at all. She was probably dreaming about the affairs she has and thinks I don’t know. The guilt dreams. After a span of seconds, the barking continued. But this time it was fast, timely, and real. The next door asshole bought a full grown bark machine last week. Ever since that dreadful day, this dog has caused neighbourhood insomnia.

I would of fell back asleep at some point if the dog hadn’t let out  huge YELP!!. All that came after that was total silence but I was sure something injured the dog. I thought about getting up to look through the window but I assumed it had been the neighbour sending the dog a message. My senses started to kick in kind of heavy as I just lay there. It felt as if my body was trying to warn me. The fear that brings out the adrenaline rush. All without having moved a muscle. I decided to slowly get up and grab the nearest h2o. As soon as I raised my head the window made a thump. The trash cans posted to our house made a loud noise and it scared the fucking shit out of me! I just got out of bed and stood there. Scared. My voice was screaming, “What the fuck was thattttttt?” And that was the point for my wife to wake up.

She had just started to ask what was wrong when our front door downstairs opened. Anyone could tell when the damn thing opened. It creaked louder than the bones of Grandma Janice. My thought was that my kids heard the dog cry out in pain and decided to go see. I don’t know why the hell a 13 year old and a 11 year old would be up at 2 am. But it was a start. I went to our bedroom window and peered out. There was nothing but snow and a dead looking dog laying next door. “A DEAD LOOKING DOG”?? I ran to my coat. Put on my shoes. As my wife asked the same question a million times without an answer from me, I opened up the door and started my way in the darkened downstairs path. Either the dog was sleeping or he was sleeping for good. But either way the sight of him laying in my neighbours yard with dark stains around him didn’t feel good. I had forgotten about the window thump. The front door opening. I didn’t even go check if my kids were in the rooms or not.

I found my way to the front door and turned on the porch light. As soon as the light flickered on it flickered off. Playing with the switch the light stayed off. “Damn lightbulb!” I opened the door and as soon as I quietly made my way off the porch two very tall beings stood right in front of me. And by tall I mean a little bit more than Patrick Ewing tall. TALL! Whoever it was took control of me immediately. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t yell. I couldn’t talk. I just stood there looking at two covered in all black, tall beings. And by all black I mean pitch black beings. For a few seconds we all just stood there and I figured out why the dog next door was dead. A voice came in to my head and it told me to “zRelaxxxxxx”....I understood the relax part but the voice was slurred. Like these alien looking things weren’t passing any speech classes from whatever place the came from. One of the shadow beings began to move/float towards my house. One stayed with me. Still. I hadn’t moved. I hadn’t talked. I could do absolutely nothing. The being opened the door what I assumed to be for the second time now and I could somewhat move my head a little to see this. I heard crashing noises. Slight screams and muffled voices came from inside the house. I wanted to run in and help. Fight a shadow. But I had no power. At moments I could even make out that the house was glowing in some ways. Not longer than a few minutes, this shadow that left came swooshing by me again. He went over to the second shadow and instantly they both disappeared. I could move now and I ran inside. The door was closed again but when I touched the door knob it was ice cold. As I propped open the door the house smelled horrible. There were small lights flickering around. Sort of like fire flies.

I woke up for the second time. Whew! Whatever this crazy experience was I knew It had been just a retarded dream. I rolled my head and this time my wife was gone. You could tell she had laid there but she wasn’t there. I got up and out of the bed again. This time I grabbed my house slippers and went on my way downstairs. As I felt a relief grin on my face I quietly propped open the 13 year olds room. The only thing on the bed was bed sheets and a pillow. The window propped open a little. Confused I rushed a little bit more to my 11 year olds room. Opening the door with more force I saw nothing. No wife. No kids. I turned on lights and started to call out names. Nothing but silence. I searched every bone of this two-story sack of shit and found nothing. The time was 3 am. When I went to peek out if my wifes car was there, it stood perfectly still outside.

I never saw my family again. Through months and months of searching and probing, the Police eventually considered the case cold. All I had was this strange dream experience. Or was it a dream? No one will ever know. But I do know that these beings did something with my family and left me alone.

If I had a clue I would embrace this clue with every bit of passion left in my alcoholic veins. As I type, a .45 is sitting in front of me. After these words I will not longer exist. Whatever took my family, couldn’t you of just taking my wife?

Good Day to you World!

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