TERROR; A state of intense fear.

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A Mother searching for her child finds herself being stalked by menacing beast.

Submitted: September 01, 2014

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Submitted: September 01, 2014




TERROR; A state of intense fear.


Jane Singleton, a mother of two but still young looking at thirty eight, was a brown haired short woman with blue eyes and a slim figure. If we met these women we would find it hard not to like her. A heart of gold and the capacity to forgive the most evil of deeds she does not deserve the fate that awaits her. She could easily be mistaken for a lost teenager as her silhouette cuts across the crimson backdrop of this forsaken place. She had been walking in a daze now for maybe two hours since she awoke to find her son missing from the bus. She still had not come out of the mist and ash. Her strong motherly instincts had forced her into the unknown. The heat made her thirsty and a constant layer of thick sweat gave her cold chills as it tried in vain to suffocate the intense heat.

It was getting really hard for her to breathe at times, at others it seemed she had forgotten how. In her mind she could not remember her last deep inhalation and when she attempted a deep breath the dry air burnt her very throat. The lone mother looking for her cub felt weak and helpless. She could not understand her surroundings. She had never experienced such heat and pain. At first Jane had been disorientated but now her head was clear and she had to find her son. Why would Jacob wonder off without her she wondered and were has he ended up. She had furiously tried to rouse the other passengers from their slumber with panic and frustration though none would stir. She had checked each of them to see if they were breathing. They all looked dead. None were moving and she'd been expecting as she came to each of them, that they would suddenly burst into animation. Like when a character in a horror movie leans over a body they think is dead and they become dead wrong.

The sounds whoosh and cut through the air above her head. Something is flying above. Slicing through the air with huge wings. She hears this all around her, the shrieks and the howls seem closer. They are getting closer she thinks, closer to their prey. A feeling of complete horror takes hold and sucks the strength from her muscles and she collapses in the black ash. Curled up now with her knees to her chest like a foetus in the womb she begins to weep. Her tears boil and evaporate on her cheeks as she lies on her side. Jane's eyes are turned upward toward the red sky, the mist hovers above seeming all at once to fall and suffocate her. She begins to breathe more, shortening her breaths. What’s up there? What is making that noise? What’s up there and where is down here where she is? Shadows now keep the sounds company above. They howl and whine in a high pitched drone forcing Jane to cover her ears with the palms of her hands. Still looking up she traces the black shadows above. They are so fast as they flit through the mist taunting their prey harassing her every emotion. For the moment she forgets all about her son, for this we can forgive. She is scared senseless and begins to rock back and forth on her side. She is humming now, a song she'd sing to Jacob at Bedtime. She sings within her mind.


Hush, little baby, don't say a word.
Mama's gonna buy you a mockingbird


She hums louder. To block out those noises, those monstrous noises. Stubborn in her middle age and eager to take control. Her hands are now so tightly pressed against her ears it is painful. She is crushing her own skull like it was in a vice. Her heart beating inside her head objecting to the pressure forced upon her temples.


And if that mockingbird won't sing,
Mama's gonna buy you a diamond ring


She hears a thud as something lands near by. Something big as the ground trembles and she feels the grit and ash graze her face. She keeps her eyelids locked tightly. She knows it would do no good to see this beast. Whatever it may be she knows her worst nightmares would run from it. Would beg her never to dream them again if this is what they had to contend with.


And if that diamond ring turns brass,
Mama's gonna buy you a looking glass


Shock or madness now controls this woman. This thing isn't going to get an easy meal she thinks. She want's to make it work now, she no longer feels crippled with fear. Her eyes remain closed but she removes her hands from her ears and begins singing the lullaby out loud. This action has consequence. It growls this thing, a deep hungry growl as its huge feet pound toward her.



And if that looking glass gets broke!!,
Mama's gonna buy you a billy goat!!


Jane Singleton rolls onto her knees. Eyes closed and singing at the top of her lungs. Each breath feels like she has swallowed fire as her lungs struggle with the rancid air. This is her war cry, her final fuck you to her murderer. It's for her sanity and the one thing she loves most in the world, her son Jacob. She prays for it not to be true. That the same fate has befallen her son. She weeps at the prospect of her son going through this terror. She knows if he has then he will be at peace now and soon she will join him. She continues to sing.


And if that Billy goat won't pull!!

Mama's gonna buy you a cart and bull!!


The fear drains from her and drips to the sodden ash along with her sweat. She's ready to face this thing. This beast. This Devil. It breathes heavily as it growls behind her. She winces as its red hot breathe singes the hairs on the back of her neck. She want's to see it now; at least to know what it is that is to bring her end. After it is stood behind her for what seems like eternity she opens her eyes. Looking straight ahead. She slaps herself across the face twice. The thing grunts in recognition and she thinks she hears it laugh under its sombre scowl. This was to psych herself up. To give her the courage to face her maker.

With a quick twist of her hips and a step to the right. Jane spun around and shouted toward her stalker. Their eyes met instantly, this monster was real she now thought. This is no nightmare.

Its eyes were blood red like the sky and its long snout dripped saliva into the ash. Its teeth long and too many where like that of a shark. Though this was no shark, this was some kind of Cerberus, a devil dog. It stood on all fours with huge paws and rough scales that crawled along it muscular frame. It stood maybe seven feet tall and hunched its back to meet Jane's gaze. She saw its huge wings, the wings she'd heard mocking her in the mist. They were like she'd imagined, Dragon like and full of tears and scars. The beast stared snarling as it growled. It produced a peculiar smile as it registered the fear on her face. However this creature had mistaken the reaction upon Jane's face. It was not one of fear but one of absolute bewilderment. This was a giant mutt with wings and although she was no comedian she did see the irony within this final showdown.

She spread her arms out and took a deep breath. She wanted to laugh out load in her new found madness but new she had to finish her death medley. The thing rose upon its hind legs ready to come down upon its prey but before it struck her down the loving mother screams the final line of her final fuck you.


And if that cart and bull turn over!!
Mama's gonna buy you a dog named Rover!!!

HAHAHA come and get me you fucking mutt!!!.




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