offer from a stranger

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Another song I wrote. Kind of like a rock song with and up beat. Anybody hear of selena gomez's song rock god? its that kind of style. :D enjoy :) x

Submitted: July 20, 2012

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Submitted: July 20, 2012



A bad boy, with tattoo's 

Came strutting up to me,

he said, baby girl,

Whatcha doing in a dive like this?

i said, well i kinda got stood up by this guy I just met.



he said well baby dont you worry,

Cos I'll take care of you

I'll give you everything you deserver 

including a cabin in the woods, 

A hundred thousands bucks, 

worth of diamonds round your neck



Just come with me now

let your hair down 

Lets blow this goddamn town

Theres a whole world out there 

Just waiting for us,

So come with me now.



I shook my head and said

Thanks for the offer,

but i just want my bed,

He said baby girl,

I want to show you the world

Take it in our hands

And mold it around

You deserve the best

Im not settleing for less

I'll give you everything you ask

From every kind of jewels

to a hundred thousand shoes.



Just come with me now

Let you hair down

And lets blow this goddamn town

Theres a whole world out there

Just waiting for us

so come with me now



I lowered my head

and whisper to the guy

If I lose my inhabitions 

And let myself go

Push all the right buttons

Will you be there to pick me up

When I hit rockbottom?



He replied baby, 

If you ever fall from heaven

Il definatly be there,

I'll be the one you land on

You're a classy kind of girl,

I can see that from your curls

I'll show you how to live

Just to share a kiss,

look upon the prettiest face

in this godforsaken place

lets get out of this town

May I call you my own?


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