Free Verse

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Just some free verse i played with a little

Submitted: August 03, 2011

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Submitted: August 03, 2011





Fixed landmarks and bank cherries for the love of the game.

It has been a stupendous bio-cross-war.  

The germs of remedial energy and puppets fucking squeak. 

Cross my chinks of armor as they pull and rattle and climb the ladder.

People’s preposterous fingerling thing came from the front page of the national enquirer.  

Climb the pages of the enquirer as you turn to a wild rat on fire.  

The rats on fire and then he became stunted and turned into an octopus.  

The octopus had mighty remedial branches and suit of chicks and armor in ducks in a plastic pool with baby Kevin. 

All time became one and we all became Chamberlain slaves to our earlier days, with Ballyhoo to the prince of scotland, because Groundkeeper Willie ain’t shit.  

I suggest that you all become more determined to do good for yourselves.  


Pidgeons and pidgeottos and on a chalkboard of an earlier white to a later hue of red and then it was washed.  

It was washed so handsomely that we were all held accountable.  

There was no man left alive who could not wash the chalkboard better than us, so we formed a ship, and on our ship we harvested and ate the three moons of Jupiter, as it buried us asunder.  

We came out of the sand we three tic tac toes and there was nothing left for the other side to take hold of, to bear witness to or to keep in an even balance.  

We bled on golden suits of armor as we ran forward, with our flags made of blue and white bird fathers.

There was just enough space left in the helmets opening for us to breathe, the one that is I.


We ran as Sylvester cat’s tail was on fire.  

The breadth of glory to hope of a Chamberlain’s maid that was cross referenced and bashed about by Neville, until his Untimely Nugat-nations could force him to breathe no more as he caught a cross reference and held that barge back as he toted three times to an ulterior prince: man.  

Yay, the gay game and the glory of God to the estates!  

The jumping frames and uterior woah, Jack’s energy to my mind through a game through the peculiar frame of a rotten reptile who stole all the glory from everyone he passed because he sat asunder a white sheet.


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