Incessant Ramblings of the Good Dope

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today’s world.

Submitted: October 16, 2008

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Submitted: October 16, 2008



What should one make of a carefree era? Is this the carefree era? I do not care. Who reasonably would? It has been established countless times by countless men of good mirth, and standing that it is unreasonable to care. This is the result of the fleeting unexpectedness life carries. What are the consequences of the current times?

Tell me this... If individuals have easier, quicker, more direct access to sources of information today (and this is by a substantial amount), then why areÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂ individuals not smarter? Why does stupidity seem to be at an all time high? Why has the vernacular become riddled with dumb? In earlier times, there were more great individuals. No longer are there many any pioneers, revolutionaries brilliant authors and such. Is this a combination of a lack of discipline in the society of today coupled with that of everyone else hunt to gather as many material possessions as possible? Could be. Does not have to be. That brings me to another point. Opinions, generalizations, speculations...these are all unprovable. Why is there anything but a quest to prove what is true? The purpose of man does not have to be what past thinkers deemed it, philosophized it to be and then made part of the commonly accepted belief system. One can be free to create their own purpose. Do anything. Do all. Do some. Do none. Do what pleases. Do what hurts. Do what spites. Do what adds. Do what diminishes. Do more of all. To be reality based and grounded after all is nothing but to accept what is laid and placed before you. Who is better than the creator? Is it the scientist? The scientist increases our understanding of the universe. Understanding the universe improves our health and supposedly the times we live in (although, by all measures it does not appear this way). People were better in older times, as aforementioned. Doctors decrease the suffering of others, and bring in a hefty paycheck. To decrease the suffering of others is a noble thing, through either psychology or medicine. A career in psychology is trivial though, because all forms of therapy were drawn up through speculation (even Freudian theories). One can create their own therapy techniques and assist random people on the street. Teaching helps to learn others in the correct ways, or the ways which you believe to be true, which of course for you are the correct ways. Who ever said we had an obligation to others? Is an obligation to others apparent in the gift of empathy? What is the source of empathy? Selfishness most likely, and most paradoxically. We feel for others because we know what it has been like or feel what it can be like for us in the future. By decreasing individuals suffering, are we getting in the way of the plan of God? Or is it also part of His plan for individuals to decrease the suffering he creates and is it also part of His plan for me to question Him? Who am I to question? Who is an individual to become a doctor and alleviate suffering in others? Who am I to write this? Audacious, a group we humans are. Leaps, bounds we have undertaken. We have made great progress within our small sector of the universe. This almost makes us seem as though we, humans of earth are a team. Unfortunately, we are not. We are democrats versus republicans, et cetera versus et cetera and this versus that. We are at odds with individuals we live with, we are inside of and ones who come out of us. It is a difficult place, the world of today. It is every person for themselves, unless you are well connected and good to others. Eventually, you will develop a strong social network, which will help you out from time to time when individuals are not too busy with their own preoccupations. Be good to people, for your own sake and for the sake of being good to people. Dress nicely, have fresh gear in this movie. Do a job where you are happy and can also afford nice things, nice clothes, nice car, nice vacation, nice experiences and also the time to enjoy them. Remember always that reincarnation is only a belief and that this may be our only role in this movie-thing. Live it up is very possible there is no heaven or hell or God or anything like that. To get technical, there has to be something or someone out there like us. By the way, you can choose a career that maybe is not so lucrative and make side money. That is always an option. Everyone wants to be rich but if you work hard at it, you can actually attain riches. Who does not want more money and time? A select few greats. Some are not greats, but are pretenders. Those are those who pretend not to care about money because they are aware that it is noble not to. 98 percent of the humans I have come in contact with can be bought. Can you be bought? Here. Money can drastically improve your life in any way. It is everything and anything and all things now. Nothing escapes its clutches. We are all wage-slaves, slaving over wages. We must all kiss-ass, brown nose, roll in the mud with pigs and die. There are no more mavericks and revolutionaries. World War III was a clandestine moral and psychological war. Money was the winner. Most good is dead. Be good...have fun? There is so much amusement in life that one ceases not to be amused. Where are the great authors of the 21st century? Are they watching American Idol and playing Guitar Hero? Are you? Am I? Will medical technology beat death? Then, there will be some good authors. Once an individual has read all of the work of Joyce, Beckett, Faulkner, Melville, Thoreau, Fitzgerald, Conrad, Heller, Proust, Shakespeare, Salinger, Wordsworth, Plato, Aristotle, Nietsche, Freud, Kant, Austen, Dickens, Yates, Anderson, Christ, Tolstoy, Doestoyevsky, then that individual can write a good book. Beating death will allot time for super-artÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂ to be created, like a true masterwork novel which I am looking forward to and may even write. Keep up with technology? Shit, things progress so quickly. My laptop is already outdated and I have only had it for a year. Why should one write as an expression of their thoughts? To amuse, to bring in finances, to entertain or for the pure exercise of their soul? The last is most important though recognized and exercised by few. What was the intention in the writing of Malone Dies? Sam? Maybe, one day technology will allow me to ask him.

I always end up searching for answers that just aren't around. What sparked curiousness in the first human who was curious? Things like that are what I desire to know. Why desire to know? It is more interesting than not knowing. What is not interesting? Things which do not get my juices flowing. Who stays up late in the night pondering these questions? Is it the amateur philosophers? Well tell them and me not to bother. There are just certain things that may never be answered. There are other things that will be answered in due time. Leave it not up to you to loose sleep and course of your life to do the pondering. Your not employed by the academy. Although, that would be quite a job. That would be quite the job. To walk around New York City much like Plato walked around Athens questioning people about their deepest natures. Who wouldn't want a job like that? I had been told at one time in the past that the philosophical style of St. Thomas Aquinas was to ask philosophical questions and then possibly answer them himself. I do that naturally. Who doesn't do that naturally? Ah, the mind which does not inquire. A sad mind this may be, or peaceful. It's not my place to judge, or know, or think for that matter?

What's up with the Bible? What was that thing anyway? Was it the inspired word of God... or a poor piece of literature? I have seen it viewed in academia in both lights, so both may have a point, or both may be right. While we happen to be on religion, the pope says not to be fooled...that there are in fact, moral absolutes. I respect him more than I respect myself, so I guess I will stop being so philosophical and just go with it.

Ah, my life. So the wife doesn't even like me anymore but I guess that is just another part of the passage of time. She spends her days on the tennis court and her nights with the television. Who needs me? Not her. I go out and work and she doesn't. The least she could do is pay me some attention when I arrive home, but no. Marriages go sour after a certain amount of time. Of course, it depends on the people, but all people are people. Woe is me. So television is that box which acts as a substitute for your living of your life. There is no reason not to watch it but for the simple fact that it is sort of a substitute for living your life. Of course, it makes for good conversation material at the office, or whichever show you watch, or whichever land you dwell to have conversation in. There is no reason for a life replacement when we are already afflicted with life. We might as well brave it out rather than watching actors brave out the situations for us. We, as Americans. I understand things sometimes, and at other times I don't. Sometimes, my mind is focused on the present moment and at other times, I bounce around like there is no tomorrow. That is usually when I am tired or lonely. Lonely is what you must consider me, having listened to my solitary thoughts this entire time. I am just a character in this movie. You are just a character in this movie. I am a character within a character because I am what we call in reality a fictional character. My name is Hermit Beansoe by the way. Does that matter? Know, I do not. I mean I do not know. What I actually mean is that I do not care about being correct with punctuation, or politics. There is no correct...oh wait, the pope says there is. How about this... can you get tired from thinking? One man I admire once said you do. I do not know. Did you ever think of that? You can thank me later for compelling you to think. I am off on some more tangents. Where do I live? I live in the United States of oh, say Pennsylvania. I live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Not as bad as Transylvania. It is still not the greatest shakes though. It does not shake thoroughly, thank God like Cali does sometimes. Also, it is no great shakes like New York is great shakedowns which are also known as robberies. I teach high school history in Lancaster. The Amish folk are considerable foes. They dislike progress. Good for them. And good for your thoughts are a cup of coffee, or marijuana... when used socially. I know these things from experience, which does not mean I really know them. Ah, to be entertaining. So, I was teaching these kids when one blurted out, \"Shit! I have to piss.\" and mind you, this is an Amish kid. So I'm standing up there in a room full of mortified Ammies taking way too long to consider my next move. I ended up laughing hysterically and told the kid to go ahed. Needless to say, my considerable foes were ready, pitchforks in hand to crucify me (or whatever the Amish do). So I tell these Amish parents, \"Ey, you best get the fuck out of here. I is a mans of technology.\" You bet they beat it. And I bet they beat you. Your probably so much less religious than them. Speaking of that... I heard this joke about religion recently... What is the difference between a priest and acne? What? Acne waits until your 13 to cum on your face. Ah, that was stupid, way too stupid. So I cannot ponder the mysteries of the universe to entertain a crowd. I cannot do bad comedy. Ah, fuck it.

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