Three men and the Study

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
Act One: Murders corrupt the Blade family, but is the murderer closer than Pascal thinks?

Submitted: July 23, 2010

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Submitted: July 23, 2010




Pascal D. Blade – Male, Owner of Boarding House

Verulam S. Nyoka – Male, Friend of Pascal

Dominik C. Blade – Male, Bystander, Son of Pascal

Shita C. Blade – Female, Wife of Pascal

[Three men seat themselves in a dim lighted study, conversing the aftermath of five murders within the Blade family. PASCAL BLADE (Late Thirties) is a Boarding House owner and the study is located within his home that is on the second level of the Boarding House. He paces back and forth, as he rubs his chin in confusion. The second male, VERULAM NYOKA (Early forties), is seated at a large chair near the front of the desk, seeming puzzled and suspicious. His chin resting on his palm in deep thought. The last individual is DOMINIK BLADE (17), who is sitting upon the desk’s edge farthest from Verulam near a long stretch of shelf and books. The silence is dully broken by one of the three men.]

VERULAM: It just doesn’t make sense. [Adjusts chin in hands]

PASCAL: Which part exactly? [Continuing to pace] Because it all just seems fishy to me. [Begins to count on fingers] There are five victims – All being within my family, there are no witnesses, no evidence implicating anyone at all…

[Floorboards creak as the man’s pacing becomes quicker and more circular.]

VERULAM: The no evidence piece of it. [Slowly turns head to look at him] In most cases, there are no suspects, so that doesn’t surprise me…But the fact that there was blood all over each scene just seems – [He is interrupted, and turns his head to the opposite side of the room]

DOMINIK: Unnatural. [Simply] Now, that’s not in most cases. Surely, someone missed something. Either that or we’re dealing with Houdini fingerprints. You touch a doorknob, and of course, just like any normal person, you leave marks behind. But this guy; He’s just too good. [A sly smile creeps onto his face, and the dim light hides it]

[The room takes on a harsh silence as the three men piece together their thoughts, and attempt to force them into words.]

VERULAM: Can I make a suggestion? [Asks nervously as he once again focuses on Pascal’s hovering form]

PASCAL: Shoot. [Still pacing]

VERULAM: I believe, [Pauses] that whoever is murdering your kin, is also within the family. It doesn’t seem too farfetched in my mind. Actually, it’s quite plausible, and would make sense as to why your family is even a target. [Looks away, and tilts head up a small ways so his nose is in the air] Who knows? They might even be closer then you – Good God man!

[Pascal has thrown a vase that had been perched upon a shelf near where he had been pacing, onto the wooded floor of the study right beside Verulam’s chair. A battered and angry expression replaces his original thoughtful visage.]

PASCAL: [Shouting loudly] No! No one in this family is capable of committing such fiendish acts upon their own blood! I can’t even believe those retched words even left your mouth! [Flails arms about as he walks closer to Verulam] I swear that if I ever hear that from you again, Nyoka, I’ll murder you!

VERULAM: [Cowering in his seat] I didn’t mean anything by it, Pascal. It’s a common occurrence these days for the offender to be within the family – [He is interrupted once again]

PASCAL: In this case, Verulam, they’re not inside the family! [Shouts in a blind rage, and turns back away from Verulam. His face is twisted into a disgusted expression]

[A low knock sounds from the door, and then it slowly creaks open. A woman, looking in her mid thirties, leans her head in and gazes at the three men in worry.]

WOMAN:Pascal, is everything all right up here? I thought I heard something break.

PASCAL: [Quickly steps in front of the broken vase, and stares at her] Oh. No, Shita. Everything is just fine. Our chat is just getting a little too intense for children’s ears. [Makes a shifting glance towards Dominik]

DOMINIK: [Mouth widens, and jumps down from the desk in a hurry] Hey! I’ve been a teenager for four years now, so I should be involved in what’s going on! [Pouts] Dad, you’re not fair.

PASCAL: Because the less you know, the better, just put it that way. Now go with your mother and help with your brother. You’re needed more down there then you are here. [Gives a weak grin]

DOMINIK: [Sighs softly] Fine… [Snorts, and stomps over to where his mother waits with the door open for him to leave]

SHITA: Come on. It’s not that bad. You don’t need to get involved with these things anyway. [Shoos her son on out the door, and nods to Pascal]

DOMINIK: [Mumbles as he exits] Too bad I’m already involved.

End Act One

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