Two in a Million

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What are the odds of two people having a dream that connects to each other? Some might say Two in a Million.

Submitted: July 23, 2010

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Submitted: July 23, 2010



The way to school was quiet and awkward for the most part. I always walked, but it was usually with Uriel or Raphael, rarely silent but with Michael it was like I was trapped. He was difficult to get along with because of his personality, being the skeptic, he would always disagree with anyone who's opinions didn't match his own. Me? I was the exact opposite. I believed anything anyone told me. Well, almost anything. I didn't have a problem picking out the liars from the honest ones. If you watched someone long enough, you got the feel of who they were. The one thing Michael and I had in common was reading people. Only he was a bit more trained than me.

Half way to school, Michael gave a quick glance around us and then looked at me suddenly. “Gabriel, if I tell you something will you swear not to tell anyone else?” The question was unexpected but I couldn't hesitate, and quickly nodded.

Sure.” I smiled. “What's bugging you?”

My friend's gaze shifted forward again, like he was trying to avoid my own stare. A silence filled us, as if he were confused as to what to say. Then it flowed like some misplaced spectacle of a story. “I normally don't dream at all and even when I do they're simple things,” the red head began. His voice quiet, I had to strain to listen to him. “But last night, it was like this...Terrible nightmare or something from a dumb fiction movie.” I almost chuckled but stopped myself.

Fiction movie? Oh. I get those a lot.” I replied not thinking about it at all.

I figured you did..But it's not like me.”

Oh. Right.” That awkward feeling came back but didn't stay long before Michael started up again.

I was somewhere white, and there was light all around me.” he began again. “I was wearing armor or something that looked like a soldier or warrior would have worn in the olden days. I was lost, I think, but at the same time I felt I knew where I was. It was weird and confusing.” he paused, looking back at me and stopped on the side of the street. “I heard you, and started running.” I also stopped next to him, and gave an amused stare.

Heard me?” I asked, and he nodded.

Yeah. You were yelling for someone to help you but I couldn't understand the name at all. But what was odd about it, you didn't look like yourself but I knew it was you.” After another minute of odd stares he went on. “You were falling and I was watching you fall...You had some kind of wings on your back and as you fell they just turned to ash around you. After that it as just fire and smoke then I woke up.”

He finished and I was frozen. I had never thought for a minute that someone else would tell me almost the exact same dream that I had had that same night. Especially not Michael. “You saw me fall?” was the only thing I managed to say. The other teen looked unamused. “Yes. I saw you fall.” he sighed. “Look. If you're only going to make fun of me then just forget I said anything.” Michael snapped as he started to walk off towards the school. I dashed after him.

No! I'm not teasing you. It's just that," I tried to get the right words. "I had a dream where I was falling last night."


No. Really, Michael." I tried to be as serious as I could be.

What's the odds of two people having dreams that actually piece together, Gabriel? Two in a million." He retorted.

I guess we're those two then."

Michael blinked, and I could tell he wanted to believe it. He would later on though. We all would.

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