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Submitted: August 08, 2018

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Submitted: August 08, 2018



... I am overstunned and struck dumb. The soak of emotion you deluge me in. I am sopping and dripping in unexpected shock and sputtering words in a jumbled twist of regaining composure. For every moment that I have relaxed and dried, you release the wash and flood and I splay about in a frantic splash. Only when I perfectly float and laze in the languid waves does the soothing you evaporate me....

  In me is locked away a dauntless, hidden emotion... A depth into time and encompassing space, a knowing.

I do not seek you, or need your heart. I cannot peek or pull you apart. You're not an obsession nor anyone's posession. I do not watch you to pry or classify, but to learn and realize. Do not ever hold back or compromise. Stay beyond the pack and ignore my adoring sighs.

  You can dance. Meaning; you have a beauty that shows in whatever you do. You kick alot of ass. Meaning; you do things that I haven't got the guts or glimmer to do. You can be your own bitch. Meaning; you need nothing, want nothing and smile at the ugliest part of yourself. So....

 Glow, star of will. If you shout, do it loud so that the sun turns to see. If you smile, do it so that time reels and old is graced with fresh. If you cry, cry so that the ocean wells up and reflects in all the world's calamities. If you sing, make it such that every  creature raisesit's head and is saved by it's sincere note. You are such stuff as dreams aspire to become and yourpresence roundedwith a loose reality. On the day that you were born I stopped searching for heaven... and, the day that you pass from here, I shall hold heaven in my heart. Anything I could say to you would only sully the feel, so accept my silent surge as my explanation of what you mean to me. I cannot lock my soul from you since you do not need a key. So, be gentle with my heart since it has decided to go with you. I must return to an ugly place lest I intoxicate myself with you and lose myself amongst your eyes and shine. Tonight, I will sleep well and tomorrow I will wake happy.

I love you... but more than that.. I feel graced by your existence in the reality I'm embedded in. I have been rewarded by being allowed to know you as I have and count every moment  as a delicacy to be savoured....

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