George Weah A Growing Dictator

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President George Weah, "beware of pretenders, have an eye of blind loyalist, take heed of sycophants, come not near Hippocrates, trust not bad advisor, there is but one mind in all those men and it will be used again against you.
In 1995 FIFA world player of the year award was won by George Weah. He is the first African player to win this award and the only on to date. After his resignation from football, he became very popular and was petitioned by the Liberian citizens to contest the 2005 Presidential Elections in which he came second to former Liberian president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Six years later, Weah faced Ellen J. Sirleaf again in the October 2011 elections, but this time as a vice Presidential Candidate running on the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) ticket with Presidential candidate Winston Tubman. Ellen J. Sirleaf was re-elected by a wide margin, although her victory was clouded by the withdrawal of Tubman-Weah ticket from the race and by low voter turnout.
Later in 2017, Weah merged with two other political parties to for the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) in order to contest the 2017 elections. Weah served as presidential candidate during the 2017 elections with Joel Howard Taylor Senator of Bong County as his vice.
George Weah defeated his nearest oppernet Joseph Boakai who represented the Unity Party. Weah won the the election by garnering more than 60% of the vote. He was inaugurated on January 22 2018. During Weah's inauguration, he took an oath to uphold and protect the Liberian constitution. After many years of economic struggle, the vast majority were happy that Weah would make the difference, but it seems to be the opposite.
George Weah as President of Liberia became very unpopular with in the period of one year because he does not have respect for the constitution and the rule of law. Weah is very tribalistic to an extend that many of those who holds key position in his government are his kinsman and member of the ruling establishment. Weah has broken several laws in the country including the Liberian constitution. George Weah appointed and commissioned the Liberian Ambassador to the United States without the consent of the Liberian Senate which is in violation of Article 54 of the Liberian Constitution which states
“The President shall nominate and, with the consent of the Senate appoint and commission-
a) Cabinet ministers, deputy and assistant cabinet ministers;
b) Ambassadors, ministers, consuls; and
c) The Chief Justice and Associate Justices of the Supreme Court and judges of subordinate courts;
d) Superintendents, other county officials and officials of other political sub-divisions;
e ) members of the military from the rank of lieutenant or its equivalent and above; and
f) Marshals, deputy marshals, and sheriffs.

Weah though his Minister of State for Presidential Affairs met with ex-rebel Generals for the very first time. The ex-rebel generals later threaten to arrest Hon. Yekeh Kolubah, a siting Law maker who has been one of the critical voices within in the Weah’s administration. Cabinet ministers in Weah’s government on numerous of occasion had threaten to weaponize their radical elements to go after people who criticize the government.
Later on January 31, 2019, some unidentified gunmen attacked Roots FM which has been very critical of the ruling government. They cut cables and destroyed some equipment, forcing the station off air for 24 hours. The station’s owner and host of its critical morning political show, Henry Costa, has recently been waging a relentless anti-corruption campaign. The talk show host published and discussed leaked documents that allegedly showed that the government had given the ground-handling operations of a new terminal at the Roberts International Airport to a Jordanian company and granted a Bulgarian firm a juicy management contract for the port of Buchanan. Many believe the attack was carried out by the government, because Roots FM managed to come back on air and its frequency has been consistently interrupted. This violation of Article 15 of the Liberian Constitution which give right to press freedom.

This Article is a message to the world and the international community that Wwah is becoming a Dictator. 

Submitted: April 23, 2019

© Copyright 2021 K. Ibrahim Richards. All rights reserved.

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