Witches of Dampier - Decoux

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
Witches of Dampier is a series of short stories, this first story called Decoux introduces the town of Dampier, Mass, the witches that live there and centers on Helena Decoux and her daughter, Dianira.

Submitted: October 31, 2019

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Submitted: October 31, 2019



Dampier, Massachusetts, a small town that is a three hour drive from Boston. A quiet town with consisting of small shops, restaurants, boarding houses, motels, medical clinics and only three schools, Elementary, Jr. High and High. Dampier is also home to a coven of witches, one of them, a woman name Helena Decoux and her daughter, Dianira.


Sixteen years ago, she moved to Dampier from New Orleans, La to recover from the death of her husband and to raise their daughter, Dianira away from the influences of her family. Other witches are Hector Cabeza and his wife, Stephania Marx and their daughter, Rosaria. Callista Bohan, Valerie Wells, Pietro Dvorak and his son, Jarek.


On the outskirts of Dampier is where Helena and Dianira live in their small one-story three bedroom house that is in a rural wooded area. The inside of the house was spotless with a wine colored paisley sofa with matching chairs and a dark wooden rectangular shaped coffee table as the wood flooring was covered with unique rugs. On the mantle of the fireplace stood pictures of Helena, Dianira and her late husband, Marco Cadieux. The kitchen was a decent size with white top cabinet doors that have glass inset. At the far right side of the kitchen stood an oval shaped wooden table with chairs that faced the window. On the table was a bouquet of wild flowers inside of a ceramic vase.


Beautiful paintings hung on the walls of the living room. Paintings that were done by Marco as he was a brilliant artist.


Helena was in her bedroom getting ready for the day. She slipped on a beige light sweater over her white silk camisole and then slipped on light pink calico print ankle length skirt. Her long black-brown curly hair was held up by a hair clip. She took the clip out of her hair and shook her head and lightly fluffed up her hair with her fingers. Her complexion a smooth light cafe au lait color that reflected her Creole heritage, her eyes, light brown but with a hint of gold.


Dianira, time to get up!” Helena said as she pulled on a pair of ankle beige boots.


Dianira, it's 9:59 am. Wake up!” said Helena as she picked up her necklace with a tear-shaped purple crystal hanging from it and placed it around her neck, fastening the clasp.


If she's still asleep...” said Helena as she made up her bed.


Helena's room was quite simple but beautiful.


Pictures of her and her late husband were lined up side by side on the right wall. Her vanity table stood in front of her bed, while her black dresser stood on the left side of her room. The windowsill was lined with small square shaped pillows that were different shades of red and brown. Her bed, a simple full size bed with arch-shaped head and foot board, cream colored cotton sheets, light brown pillows and a dark brown blanket.


Dianira, it's 10 am. You are not sleeping in on such a fine day” said Helena as she exited her bedroom, heading to Dianira's.


Helena opened the door to Dianira's bedroom and saw that Dianira was still sleep.

Dianira Kosette” said Helena.


Dianira's eyes flew open as she turned and looked at her mother. Dianira was the spitting image of her mother. Same curly black-brown hair and eye color. The only difference is that Dianira's hair was longer, Dianira was slightly curvy and her complexion was slightly deeper than Helena's, a trait that she inherited from her late father.


Everything else was a complete reflection of Helena from the high arched eyebrows to the long eyelashes to the full lips.


Mama, it is Saturday” said Dianira.


I am aware of what day it is. But it is a beautiful day and we should not spend it inside” said Helena as she walked into Dianira's room and opened the blinds.


Dianira sighed as she got out of bed.


Any plans today?” Dianira asked.


I thought we could go to the market and pick up a few things and then head over to Miss Benetton's house. She has asked me to do a cleansing of her house” said Helena.


Again? Perhaps that woman should stop allowing negative energy into her home” said Dianira as she made up her bed.


I agree, but turning away family isn't always so easy” said Helena.


Not for everyone, you mean” said Dianira as she looked at her mother.


Helena just looked at Dianira


Sorry Mama” said Dianira.


Helena sighed as Dianira crossed her arms.


Helena hugged her.


I know that things have not been easy, Dulcinee. Leaving New Orleans was the most difficult choice I had to make. But it was necessary, I didn't want your uncles and your aunt to influence your thinking. Putting aside everything that your father and I had taught you” said Helena.

Dianira nodded as she hugged her mother.


I miss him, mama” Dianira said as tears fell from her eyes.


I do too, Dulcinee” said Helena.


However, he would not want us to continuously mourn his passing” said Helena as she removed her arms from around Dianira and lifted her face to look her.


I know” said Dianira.


It's a nice day. Let's go and enjoy it” said Helena.


Fine, mama” said Dianira with a smile.


Good. I'm gonna go make breakfast” said Helena.


As Helena left Dianira's room, she stood there looking at a painting on the wall that her father had done of her when she was nine years old. Dianira smiled and then turned her attention to getting dressed. Dianira's room almost mirrored Helena's. Her vanity table stood in front of her bed, but her dresser stood on the right wall near her the bedroom door. And the different shades of purple, green and gray were the color scheme of her bedroom.


Once Dianira put on her bra, she pulled on a form-fitting emerald green scoop top and pulled on dark colored denim pants and black boots. Dianira applied a little make-up and then fluffed her hair after putting moisturizer in it. Taking one last look in the mirror, Dianira grabbed her necklace with a green oval shaped stone and putting around her neck and walked out of her bedroom.



Fiona Benetton's home was a small house surrounded by a white picket fence that was falling apart. The grass was slightly overgrown and the white paint on the house was peeling and the roof was not in the best of shape. As Helena and Dianira walked up the stone walkway, Helena carefully opened the fence as the door was practically off the hinge.


Again, why are we coming to Ms. Benetton's house?” Dianira asked.


A cleansing” said Helena as they walked toward the porch steps.


By the looks of her home. She needs more than a mere energy cleansing” said Dianira as she looked around the outside of the house.


Helena smirked at Dianira's remark.


True enough, Fiona Benetton's house was indeed in bad shape.

The outside of the house needed a major overhaul. Helena and Dianira carefully made their way up the wooden porch steps which were obviously very rickety and one wrong step, they would collapse and the person would fall through. Dianira breathed a sigh of relief that she and her mother made it up the steps. However, the porch was just as bad as the rest of the outside.


Paint was peeling off windowpane and the wooden screen door. The plants outside were overgrown and paint was peeling off the metal rocking chair, showing the rust and the age of the chair.


Helena knocked on the screen door.


Ms. Benetton, it's me, Helena” she said.


Maybe she's not home” said Dianira.


She’s home, she said that she would be” said Helena.


Ms. Benetton” Helena called out.


Soon the front door opened and an elderly woman appeared. She was holding herself up by a walker, Her white hair was up, but disheveled a bit and she was dressed in blue paisley dress that clearly seems to be outdated. She wore a ragged crochet shawl around her shoulders and old Mary Jane shoes that had seen better days.


Helena, I'm glad that you could make it” said Fiona who despite her age had a spark of fire in her green eyes.


She unlatched the screen door and Helena and Dianira went inside.


And who is this young woman who is the spitting image of you” said Fiona smiling.


This is my daughter, Dianira” said Helena.


Ah, yes. Your mother has told me a lot about you” said Fiona.


All good I hope” said Dianira.


Yes, dear. All good” said Fiona as she picked up Dianira's hand and patted it and smiled.


Dianira smiled back, but glanced over at her mother.


Helena mouthed to Dianira to be nice.


So, Fiona. What kind of negative energy troubles you?” Helena asked as she placed her bag in a chair and walked about the living room.


Fiona let go of Dianira's hand and slowly made her way over to the sofa where she tried to sit. Helena walked over and took Fiona's hands and gently helped her sit down on the sofa. Dianira looked around at Fiona's house and although it was spotless, the overwhelming scent of lavender made Dianira want to gag.


Would either of you like some tea?” Fiona asked.


No thank you, Ms. Benetton. I would like to get on with the spiritual cleansing” said Helena.


Of course, my dear. I really need to stop being such a pushover when it comes to my grandson, Jack. He is such a terrorizing person” Fiona said sadly.


Ms. Benetton, what makes him so terrorizing?” Dianira asked.


Just his behavior. Swearing, drinking, saying very crude and awful things about women and those nasty cigarettes that he smokes” Fiona said as she made a face.


Dianira said nothing, but to her, Jack sounded like a loser who simply needed to grow up.


Well, I'll get started. Dianira can you get the incense out of my bag?” Helena asked.


Sure thing, Mama” said Dianira as she walked over and took the sticks of incense out of the bag along with a lighter.


Helena and Dianira stood in the middle of the living room and lit the incense until the smoke came out. As Helena chanted, she and Dianira went around the entire house waving the incense sticks to clear out the negative energy, although Dianira and Helena quietly admitted to each other that there was no negative energy to dispel.


All done, Ms. Benetton” said Helena as she walked over to the kitchen sink and douse the incense sticks with water. Helena looked around Fiona's small kitchen and admired the square wooden table that was covered with a floral table cloth and four wooden chairs. The wall paper was an outdated style from the 1960s as was the stove. The only thing that seemed recent was the refrigerator that Ms. Benetton's daughter had put in a year ago, the microwave and the toaster.


Rusted canisters were lined up near the toaster as old plaques with sentimental sayings covered each of the walls. Once the incense sticks were doused, Helena placed them the trash and exited the kitchen.


Well, that should do it” said Helena smiling.


Thank you, Helena. Would you and daughter like to stay for tea and cookies?” Ms. Benetton asked.


No, thank you, Ms Benetton. Dianira and I have much to do today” said Helena.


Dianira was actually relieved to hear that. She was getting anxious as Ms. Benetton was asking Dianira all kinds of uncomfortable questions, such as if she had a boyfriend.


Aww, I was hoping that you two would stay. My son, Garrett will be here soon and I wanted him to meet you, Helena” said Ms. Benetton with a smile.


Helena fought the urge to cringe. The last thing Helena wanted was someone playing matchmaker for her. Especially since it was bad enough that some of the women in their town had been making snobby remarks and untrue accusations about her.


That's very thoughtful of you, Ms. Benetton. But I am quite happy with my life as it is. Besides, I can not ever bring myself to love anyone else the way I loved my late husband, Marco” said Helena as she gathered up her bag.


But you should give Garret a chance, Helena. He is a very successful surgeon in Boston and quite handsome and single” said Ms. Benetton.


Dianira fought the urge to roll her eyes.


She always found it quite pathetic that other women felt it was their place to play matchmaker for her mother. Especially since a lot of the men they tried unsuccessfully to set her mother up with were boring men who knew nothing of adventure, creativity and spontaneity. Dianira knew what her mother liked or rather preferred.


And Helena preferred to have her husband back.


There was no one in the world like Marco Cadieux. He was tall with long silky black hair and chartreuse green eyes that perfect matched his light toffee complexion that was much like Helena's, however it was one shade darker. Marco came from the island of Barbados, the son of a wealthy French businessman and his Afro-Caribbean/Spanish wife. Marco was artistic, romantic, adventurous, intelligent and very loving.


There would be no one else like him who would be able to connect and understand Helena like Marco did.


I'm sure that he is a wonderful man. However, I am not interested meeting and falling love with anyone. That is my decision” said Helena.


Ms. Benetton sighed with disappointment.


If that is your decision, I will respect it.” she said.


Thank you” said Helena and soon she and Dianira exited Ms. Benetton's home. As they carefully walked down the steps, a silver Mercedes pulled up behind Helena's dark blue sedan. Out stepped a tall man with silver hair, blue eyes and a medium fair complexion. He was dressed in a black blazer, with a dark blue polo shirt, black slacks and black loafers.


That must be Ms. Benetton's son” said Dianira.

Clearly” said Helena who was obviously unimpressed.


Good Morning” he said.


Good Morning” said Helena as she and Dianira carefully opened the fence and walked over to their car.


You must be Helena Decoux. My mother has spoken much about you” he said smiling.


Yes and you must be Garret” said Helena.


Yes, I am. A pleasure to meet you” he said holding out his hand.


Helena took his hand and quickly shook it and then pulled her hand back.


This action didn't go unnoticed by Garret as he raised an eyebrow in confusion.


I usually don't get quick handshakes” he said with a small smile.


My apologizes. However, my daughter and I have much to do today and we need to get going” said Helena.


Well, okay” said Garret


Have a wonderful day” said Helena as she and Dianira got into their car and drove off.


Garret Benetton just stood there, puzzled.


Smooth move, Mama” said Dianira.


Not one of my best exits. But I had a feeling that if we stayed any longer Ms. Benetton would have tried to set up a date” said Helena.


Dianira smiled but then started to think.


Mama, perhaps it wouldn't be such a bad idea to go out on a date. You know live a little, have a social life” said Dianira.


Helena smiled.


True, but I already have a social life. I have friends and a successful business. I'm not exactly hiding” she said.


Dianira couldn't argue with that and just let the subject drop.



It is Monday.


Dianira worked in a local medical clinic as a medical assistant. It was not exactly Nursing, but it was close enough. Dianira mostly kept to herself, doing her job and a lot of the patients found Dianira to be quite friendly and easy to talk to. The doctors who ran the medical clinic found Dianira to be quite intriguing and beguiling and few even flirted with her, but she always blew off their flirtation. And like her mother, Dianira was sometimes plagued with the ugly remarks and accusations that some women would make about her.


Although it did bother Dianira somewhat, she learned to tune out the ugly gossip.


It was the end of the day and Dianira was heading to her car when she saw Garret Benetton pulling up to the medical clinic.


Greetings” he said as he got out of his car.


Hello Dr. Benetton” said Dianira.


I've been trying to call your mother, but she doesn't answer her phone” he said.


Probably because your number is unfamiliar to her. She doesn't answer calls from strange numbers” said Dianira as she unlocked the car door.


Makes sense. Although, I have to say that 'strange' is pertains more to you and your mother” said Garret.


Dianira raised an eyebrow.


You wouldn't be the first person to call us that, Dr. Benetton” said Dianira.


Please, call me Garret” he said.


I rather not. I only call people by their first names if I am on a friendly basis with them. And we're not on a friendly basis” said Dianira in cordial but not so friendly tone.


Garret was taken aback by this.


My apologizes if I offended you. It's just that many people in town find you and your mother, quite unsettling. You keep to yourselves, you hardly socialize with anyone except a few people who live around where you live and there's some gossip about possible occult activity going on in and around your house.” said Garret.


It took all of Dianira's self-control to not do something stupid or rather dangerous and stupid. She just looked at Garret Benetton and crossed her arms.


Well, then Dr. Benetton. With all that you have heard from others, why then are you trying to pursue my mother?” she asked.


My mother talks about her so much and I guess my curiosity got the better of me” he said.


Well, then Dr. Benetton. Worry not, because my mother isn't interested in you. All she would do is compare you to my late father. How happy he made her and what a great father he was. The unique and romantic love letters that he would often write her, how he wrote music and made beautifully unique paintings. The places they've been to, the people they met. How my father would always address my mother, “Belle Desir – Beautiful Desire” because that's how much he loved her. She misses my father and I miss him. There won't ever be anyone who will measure up to my father. He was truly one of a kind” said Dianira with a smile.


At that moment, Garret Benetton felt insignificant. The way Dianira spoke about her late father and how much he meant to her and her mother meant that he wouldn't have a chance in hell in romancing Helena. With everything that Dianira just said, maybe he was better off sticking to women who were less eccentric.


Well, then, I will let you get on your way. Drive home safely….” said Garret.


Dianira” she said.


Very beautiful name and quite unique” said Garret.


Thank you, Dr. Benetton. Have a good afternoon” said Dianira as she got into the car and drove out of the parking lot.


At the Decoux home, Helena was in the kitchen preparing some herbs for stew when she felt a strange presence outside the house. She smiled as she placed the herbs into the stew, washed her hands, dried them on a towel and walked towards the backdoor, where she opened it and stepped outside.


It was early evening and the sun was setting and even though it was the season of Spring, it still got chilly at night as Helena rubbed her hands against her arms, keeping them warm.


I know that you are here” she said.


Soon a strange light appeared and it soon took the form of a man. A man who looked exactly like her late husband, Marco Cadieux. But then again, that who it was.


Why did you come out here without a sweater, Belle Desir?” he asked in his smooth Creole voice.


It wasn't exactly on my mind when I sensed your presence” said Helena with a smile. Marco snapped his fingers and soft woolen shawl appeared around Helena's shoulders. She smiled as Marco walked over to her and held her. He looked just how he did when he was alive, except now his preternatural features were noticeable. The slightly pointed ears and feline eyes that revealed that Marco was a shape-shifting feline fae. After his mortal death, Marco took on the form of a black cat that often wondered around the outside of the house.


Helena knew it was him from the moment the cat started coming around the house shortly after Helena and Dianira arrived from New Orleans. Although Helena knew what Marco was, Dianira had no clue, but she always felt a strange connection to cats. What Dianira does know is that she and her mother are witches and simply assumed that her father was one, although she wondered why her father had such unique looking eyes.


Where's Dulcinee?” Marco asked.


She should be arriving home from work soon” said Helena.


Belle Desir, don't you think it's time that she knew the truth. About me and her fae heritage?” Marco asked as his eyes looked lovingly into Helena's.


Helena sighed.


Belle Desir, you cannot keep everything from her. She needs to know” said Marco.


Soon the backdoor opened and standing there was Dianira with a stunned look on her face.


Papa?” she said.


Hello Dulcinee” he said with a smile.


How?” she asked.


Helena sighed as she looked at Dianira.


Dulcinee, there's something that I need to tell you. Something that I should have told you a long time ago” said Helena.


And that is?” Dianira asked.

Your father is not a witch as you assumed. Well, he is but he is also fae” said Helena.


Fae?” Dianira said.


Yes, a feline fae in fact” said Marco as he approached Dianira.


As Dianira looked at her father and noticed that he eyes were definitely feline and his ears were slightly pointed.


So, this means that I am part fae, correct?” said Dianira.


Yes, you are a feline fae and a witch” said Marco.


Is there a reason why I wasn't told this from the beginning?” Dianira asked.


Your uncles and aunt were the reason, Dulcinee. You know how much they abuse their powers to gain whatever they want. Had they known that your father is fae, they would have found some way to use him to their advantage” said Helena.


True, although I can't see Uncle Xavier, Uncle Philippe and Aunt Jacqueline being successful at trying to zombify papa to use for their own means” said Dianira.


Helena smiled as Marco smirked.


If they would have tried that, I would have killed them all” said Marco as his feline eyes glowed with ferocity as he smiled.


As far Dianira could remember, she knew that her mother was estranged from her brothers and sister and that her father fiercely disliked them and it was all because Helena's siblings, Xavier, Philippe and Jacqueline often mistreated her and had no qualms about putting Helena's life in danger to suit their their selfish ends. From the moment, Marco met Helena's siblings, he immediately saw that they cared nothing about Helena and quickly whisked her away.


They traveled all over the world, meeting people who were also of magic and the preternatural. In Barbados, Helena also met Marco's parents, Auberon and Marisol Cadieux. In meeting his father, Auberon, Helena immediately saw where Marco's feline fae side came from as his father had those same chartreuse green eyes that often turned feline, when he was angry or shifting. The only difference between father and son was the color of their hair. Auberon's hair was stark white with black streaks, much like a white tiger.


His mother, Marisol was a witch much like Helena, but clearly more powerful as Helena discovered as she helped Marisol with a ritual. During their time in Barbados, Marisol helped Helena strengthen her own powers and taught her different spells. Spells that her siblings would not able use. After two years of traveling, Marco and Helena returned to New Orleans, but kept their distance from Helena's siblings.


None of them were invited to Helena and Marco's wedding and were seldom allowed to visit when Helena gave birth to Dianira. When Marco died, Helena moved herself and Dianira to New England just so her siblings could not influence Dianira or try to use her.


So, I take it that you're the black cat that is always wondering around the house?” Dianira asked with a smile.


Marco smiled back.


My way of continuing to protect you and your mother” said Marco.


Anything else I need to know?” Dianira asked.


Just that your grandmother, Marisol is a very powerful witch. She taught me how to strengthen my own power and she taught me spells that even your uncles and aunt would be scared to use for the spells would destroy them. Spells that I think it's time for me to teach you” said Helena.


Dianira nodded and then looked at her father.


Marco looked at her and hugged her.


I will always be around, Dulcinee” he said.


Dianira smiled.


Can you at least stay for dinner? Mama is making pork stew” said Dianira.


Helena put her arm through Marco's and he turned and looked at her.


Of course, I've missed having dinner with my family. I would like to do that one more time” said Marco.


Or perhaps, you could a little more often” said Helena as she looked at him lovingly.


Marco smiled.


There are times where saying no to you is pointless and this is one of those times” said Marco.


Good” said Helena.


And all three of them went into house.

© Copyright 2020 K.D. Bieniak. All rights reserved.

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