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Amanda had always loved the circus. “It’s a happy place,” she used to think. “The clowns are always smiling,” is what she had been told. But little did she know. Everything she thought was true was actually a lie.

Submitted: July 06, 2016

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Submitted: July 06, 2016



On a rainy Sunday evening Amanda, a spoiled 7 year old girl, went to the circus with her parents. There were thin doll-like girls walking the tightropes and there were clowns. Smiling and laughing. Spectacular magic tricks wowed the small audience and tortured animals preformed tricks. People were shot out of cannons, causing the audience to hold their breath. Women danced in colorful dresses. People shot arrows at targets. On the outside it seemed like perfection. But nobody knew of the tears that have been wasted. The animals that have been scared. The girls and women who have been pushed further than their limits. And the men who have fallen a thousand times, only to get it right once. For a mindless show. But was it. Was it really just a mindless show. Or was it so much more.


Amanda being the spoiled girl she is soon got bored of the show. She hopped off her seat and decided to go backstage. Her parents were too careless to notice. Amanda snuck behind the stage. She soon found herself in a costume room. Filled with masks and hats. “Wow,” she breathed. It was paradise. Paradise in hell, that is.


A painful cry bounced off of the walls and filled the costume room. It was coming from behind a closed door. Amanda ran up to it and opened the door. She peeked inside only to find a clown. He had a painted smile but he was crying.


“Why are you crying?” Asked Amanda. The clown looked at her, startled at her sudden presence. “Because I’m sad,” snapped the clown. “But clowns aren’t allowed to be sad!” Amanda snapped back. The clown stopped crying. He looked at Amanda with his tear-filled blue eyes. “Well I can’t really help it, if you saw what happened behind these perfectly painted curtains you would cry too! You wouldn’t last a minute behind these masks. You wouldn’t last a second with this painted smile. You wouldn’t dare watch the tiger’s spirits being broken!” Yelled the clown.


Amanda stood still in shock. “So it’s not all fun and games?” she asked gloomily. There was a moment of silence before the clown spoke. “No,” he whispered. “I want to try, I want to be a clown! Then I will be happy!!” yelled Amanda. “No, you can’t, plus you look like you should be happy now. After all, you are wearing a princess dress and tiara. What else does a kid need?” Amanda looked put down. “I WANT TO BE A CLOWN!” she yelled. “Fine, whatever, do what you want,” whispered the clown. Amanda’s face lit up.


She ran to the paint stand and began painting her face. She painted on a smile. She put on a mask. She changed into a colorful dress. And she looked at herself in the mirror. Amanda tried to frown but she couldn’t. “I’m happy now,” she whispered to herself before returning to the clown. “See, I look happy don’t I?” The clown looked at her. “Yes, everyone in the circus looks happy, but think about it carefully. Are you really happy?” the clown asked her.


Amanda paused for a second. She turned to the mirror once again. She didn’t look like herself. “We are robbed of our individuality, we are robbed of our freedom,” the clown told her. “Now take off that paint and put on your princess dress. You’ll be happier,” he ordered. Amanda took one last look at the mirror and changed again. She looked at herself for the final time. The mirror began to swirl, as did the dream world. And Amanda found herself back in her circus seat. “It was a dream?” she whispered to herself. She looked at her parents. “Mom, lets go home, I don’t like the circus anymore,” she said, but right before Amanda left she caught a glimpse of a clown staring at her, behind the perfectly painted red and white curtains.

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