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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
The distorted world in which creations rule the creators.

Submitted: July 06, 2016

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Submitted: July 06, 2016



I saw it coming. But nobody listened to me screaming out the truth. I knew our creations would take control someday. I should’ve done something. But I didn’t. And it’s too late now. I should’ve stopped the cloning when I had the chance. I still beat myself up for it. But to be honest. it isn’t my fault. It’s my father’s.

And it didn’t bother me much. Well. At least not until I found myself. My clone. You couldn’t tell us apart. I could easily be wiped from existence and nobody would notice with her around. The other Skylar. The second me. The smarter me. The more perfect me. I couldn’t stand the sight of her. I couldn’t stand the sight of any of the clones. Doing our dirty work for us. Well, that is what they used to do. Now the tables have turned. It is us doing their dirty work.

We weren’t at the top of the killing chain. No, not anymore. Now it’s just like it used to be, in the stone age. When we had to work to stay alive. I guess what we thought would help us ended up breaking us. We were all broken. No more schools. No more nothing. I felt as if my heart had stopped beating. I felt as if i was the robot. Programmed to work without emotions. I fell as if.. as if my clone. As if she is me. Or at least the real me. It twists my mind to think of creations ruling their masters. It just doesn’t fit. How could a puppet control it’s owner. How could an employee tell his boss what to do. How could a remote control car make it’s human hit a wall and round a corner.

The puzzle pieces didn’t fit. And they never will. But I guess we have to go back to being 3 again. By that I mean stuffing the puzzle pieces in by force and pretending we have solved everything. Even if the picture is distorted. 

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