How it would have ended?

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this is super short. about a world where almost everyone is trapped. by what? you don't know. how? you don't know. it's up to you to decide.

Submitted: November 15, 2016

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Submitted: November 15, 2016



"Don’t leave me!’ I shouted. Her body lay limp in my arms and her face as white as snow. The life that was once there disappeared. Please don’t leave, we promised to make it out of here alive. Remember, we were thrown in the same jail, class and in the same ward in the hospital. WE MADE THE PROMISE!! The only words my mouth allowed out were ‘don’t leave me’.

The guard blew down the door with a might kick. Guns out and ready to kill the traitors that were once under their control. I was angry but scared. ‘Stand up you brat! Disobeying us and then escaping! Pathetic… Now take her into isolation,’ They grabbed me and put me in isolation for six months. And they trained me to be a killing machine.’


“So that’s your past,” J said. He looked at his watch. “Ready...” his azure eyes wondered up to look at me, awaiting my approval. Nodding, I smiled stiffly. “Who was she? If you don’t mind me asking,” I turned my attention toward my feet. “Well, her name was Sarah,” he poked his head around the corner to see if the guards were still patrolling the area. We were crouched behind a gap between the hospital and the school. “Sarah, I think I remember hearing that name… anyway, time to go,” he stood up and reached down to help me stand up. I grabbed hold of his hand and forced my legs straight to a standing position. “So… what now… we run?” J nodded and held my hand tightly.

We ran. And ran. And ran. Non stop. We reached the wall that blocked us off from the rest of the world. “We’re here, get the rope,” he whispered. I reached into a small bag that I was carrying around and pulled out a thin rope.

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