Why Do Parents Leave Their Child's Life?

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Why do parents leave us? Do they even care? This is how I felt during my life without my biological father and the lies from my mother and father.

Submitted: October 07, 2016

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Submitted: October 07, 2016



Why do parents leave their children lives? Does the parent know that they are hurting the child? Do they know it might affect the child’s future? Do they even care what their child is feeling?

These are questions I ask myself because my biological father left my younger brother and me. He never once call us since May 16, 2013. I always wonder if he is thinking about us.

I never get my hopes up when it comes to him.

I wonder if he ever loved us. Since I remember, I never once heard him say ‘I love you Kylie’ or ‘I love you Presten’. He was forced to do things with us.

“You were my dad that I once knew

But little do you know the pain you put me through

I’ve grown up and realized

that your life is nothing but one thousand lies…” Daddy Why? by Heidi A. Hopson.


Dad…Father…Chris…I don’t even know what to call you anymore. What hurts the most is that you will talk to my mom’s sister. But not me. Your own daughter! You don’t even talk to your mom. Your mom! For god’s sake!


I been told that a father would always protect his daughter and son. That a father would love them no matter what. Children are supposed to have good thoughts about their father. Not my brother and I. The last words I remember him saying to me is: “F*ck you! Don’t ever come back here!” I also remember him slamming my brother onto a bike wheel. Hard. That was the day that I realized that he didn’t care about my brother and me.


Why do people show that they love you but still hurt you as much as they can?


Parents say that they will be there for their children but one parent or both will leave their children lives and might not come back. That will hurt them the most. The father will leave before the mother because what mother would leave her child unneeded. I think some fathers don’t want anything to do with their children until they want something from them and don’t want to repay the child.


That happened to my brother and me. Our father didn’t want anything to do with us until his ex-wife made him spend time with us. We were young then and I didn’t know that he didn’t want to spend time with us. Now I am seventeen and I now know that he didn’t want to spend time with us. His reasons were that he had two jobs and that he needed sleep. When he didn’t had work, he didn’t sleep. He was always on his computer looking at things that he was not supposed to look at when children are in the room. That’s when my younger brother and sister were born.


“If the baby is a boy then it’s not mine.”


“If the baby is a girl then it’s not mine.”


The first quote my mom told me that my father said but the second quote was he told me that he said.


My father likes to tell lies about my mom and he got mad at me and my brother when we took our mom’s side. I learned to never take his side because half of the stuff he said was a lie.


Why do parents lie about each other to their children? What are they trying to prove to their children lying about each other?


That’s a question that I don’t even have an answer to. There were different answers to those questions. My father always lied about my mom. My mom also lied about my dad. I realize the lies my father told me about my mom were no good lies. He was trying to get me away from my mom. When I was younger and when my biological father was married, his wife and he bought me things like a phone, a camera and other things. I didn’t understand why they bought me things. Now I understood. They were bribing me not my brother. I think that they bribed me because I was the oldest and listen better than my brother.


Fathers aren’t the only parent that leaves their children's lives. Mothers do too.

Why? Why will a mother leave her child’s life? Should a mother be there for her child?

I know that a mother should never leave or hurt her child because a child should feel the safest with their mother. But if a mother leaves or abuses her child, how can the child feel safe? I know someone’s mother always choosing their siblings over them and that hurts them. They don’t show it but I know it hurts them.


“It doesn’t matter who hurt you, or broke you down, what matters is who made you smile again” By unknown author.


It doesn’t matter why parents leave. It doesn’t matter why parents hurt you. What matters is the present and your future. It matters what you will do with it. Are you going to stay in the past and be angry at your father or mother for leaving? Or are you going to move on with life and become what you want?


“A dad is someone that is there for his children. A father is something else; a father is more of a biological term than a role or relationship” by Daniel Ruyter.


I learn to move on with life from my biological father because I have a better dad. A dad that will be there for me and not leave my life.


“Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad” by Anne Geddes.


People say that you should “forgive and forget” the people and the issues we had for them. That don’t always help. You should forgive the person when you are ready but you will never forgot what they say or did to you.

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