Coming Back

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Just a cute story about two lovers at a train station.

Submitted: March 17, 2016

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Submitted: March 17, 2016



As the train pulled into the station, I jumped up from the paint-peeling bench and glanced at my watch.

2:53 Late as always.

Searching the passenger windows, I walked towards the platform line. Then I saw her. Her perfect blue sapphire eyes, her hazel hair loose around her fair-tanned shoulders, her slightly crooked smile. She came stumbling down the steps dragging a small red tartan suitcase. Instantly I took her bag, placed it on the floor, then I was in her arms. I could smell her minty shampoo and floral perfume. It felt like only us in the station. The tighter I held her the more I felt like I was floating in the clouds with her - our own personal heaven - then the conductor screeched something inaudible and we broke apart. Just staring at her was enough to make me crazy. I couldn’t resist and pulled her back into my arms to kiss her. As our lips pressed together I was back in the clouds dancing and running around with her.

Stacy Masters was my own personal guardian angel.

Pulling away she smiled curiously.

“So, where we going?” Sliding an arm around her waist and guiding her away from the edge, I answered, after going through it in my head.

“Well, I was thinking that we leave your bag in the car, then go spend the afternoon at the beach, in the evening back to the apartment, you choose a takeaway and I will choose a film then you choose a film-”

“As long as you don’t pick Star Wars again”

“Okay as long as you don’t choose the Notebook again” I said compromising.

“B-” “Nope if I can’t have Star Wars, you can’t have The Notebook” I said teasingly. “But it’s a classic” Stacy argued.

“No it’s not, but Star Wars is” I argued back.

“Whys yours a classic but mines not”

“Because mines cooler” I said quickly.

“No it’s not, it’s a bunch of people fighting with glow-sticks and a tiny weird green goblin” She said smiling.

“Those glow-sticks are called light-sabres and calling Yoda a goblin is insulting, he’s a Jedi Master” Correcting her.

“Okay then but he’s still creepy” she said annoyingly.

“Can’t argue on that one” I said defeated.

As we reached the car, she hopped into the other side while I threw the suitcase in the back and shut the door. She continued to try to convince me to watch The Notebook.

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