Lady Liberty Weeping

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Consequences of a Travel Ban...

Submitted: March 07, 2017

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Submitted: March 07, 2017



"Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore."

Lady Liberty Weeping

Two days.
That's when mommy
Said we were leaving
We had to prepare
For so long
Daddy was able
To get "visas"
That’s what big people call
Visitor books.
It’s a small book
That lets you
Visit other countries

I was so excited
I really wanted to
Speak English with people
Who speak it everyday
It's such a funny language
Even stranger
They read from
Left to right

Last week
Daddy bought me
A big poster
It was a green statue
Of a lady
Holding a gold lamp
"She represents hope.
She opens the door
And welcomes
He told me.

I liked this green
Statue lady
She looked serious
But nice at the same time.

It was like she was
Protecting the people
Who were coming into

Two more days.

I couldn't wait.

"Only two more days."
Mommy tells me
And kisses me
On the forehead.
"You’ll love it
In America.
Goodnight, sweetie."

That night
I have a nightmare.
It's the strangest dream.
I see the Americans
They are the "American Terrorists"
That my family talks about
They are holding their God book
(A Bible is what I think it's called)
Mommy says it's a good book
Just like our God book
But she doesn’t think they have read it

The terrorists are standing
On the lamp of the woman
On my poster
They are waving a flag different from
The American flag
The “Confetti Flag”
I think that’s what
It’s called
But she's not green anymore
They painted her white
And they are painting
The golden lamp black

I see the bully there too
The fat one with the funny hair
Mommy says,
"He is their president.
So, we have to respect him."

But he acts like the bullies
In my school.
He is laughing and
Telling them to paint faster
He takes out his little worm
And he starts to pee
On the lady.

Then I look at the lady’s face
No one is looking at her but me
She starts to cry
But she does not cry water
She is crying blood

I wake up.
Mommy is standing
Near my bed.
She has tea.
“I heard you tossing,
And mumbling in your sleep.”

She turns on the light
She has been crying.

“We can’t go to America anymore, sweetie.”
Mommy tells me.

Daddy is talking to
Our neighbor on the phone.
“We’ve been banned.”

Mommy begins to cry.
They are water tears
But I think about the blood
The woman cried in my dream.


 ---  K.S. Fort

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