TWTD : How Do I Undress Others?

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“You can only see in others what you have already accessed in yourself”

Submitted: September 27, 2018

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Submitted: September 27, 2018



Two Weeks to Dream : Chapter 2


  • 9.55 pm. 26 September 2018 : Berlin


  • Prelude


  • Question : How do I undress others?


I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine and she gave me a quote that I won’t forget. She said, “You can only see in others what you have already accessed in yourself”… Keep this quote in mind. This post revolves around it.


Branching out from the previous post, “Who Am I Without You”, I want to focus on how I extend my knowledge of myself into an understanding of others.


I’ll post two videos at the end of this that relate perfectly to what I’m saying. Moreover, these videos have given me specific tips on how to undress other people. Oh, before I continue, I am referring to undressing someone emotionally. If you’re seeking pure physical satisfaction from this post – pull out now. You will be disappointed.


In my 27 years of life, I’ve learned that the art of undressing others consists of the three S’s; self, space, and soul…


Self : I really enjoying walking around my space with very little clothing when my roommates are gone. You’ve been warned roomies : Write if you’re coming back home early from your holidays.


I love my body. I love myself. Sometimes, I’ll even walk around naked. Why not? I pay my bills every month.


I love who I am. I know how I want to be treated. I can be completely transparent with myself. I know where my flaws are. I am willing to see the worst sides of myself. I know that I’m not perfect, yet, I recently told my friend – being completely serious – “I’m God’s gift to Earth”. And that’s not to say that people should be expecting the Second Coming of Kibbs. No. I’m already here. Enjoy it while it lasts.


Rather,  look within yourself. Be present. You bring gifts that no one else can offer. Be fully you. Look, without judgement, at the worst sides of yourself,  embrace them, and integrate them into who you are. And once you can see yourself, you’re ready to enter an intimate space …


Space : This is actually the easiest one of the three, in my opinion. Entering an intimate space is a beautiful experience. I’ve been able to make most spaces intimate. It just takes presence, which I acquired through a knowledge of myself, and philosophy, which I pull from the clouds. Ask “how” and “why” questions and be comfortable in silence. The concept of an “awkward silence” does not exist in an intimate interaction. In the silence, I’m really able to feel the person’s words. In the silence, I piece together their last sentence. In the silence, I fix together that person’s emotional state with the words from their experience. I travel back with them to a traumatic experience, celebrate or cry with them in a present predicament, or float through the clouds with them as they discuss their dreams. Give room for silence. In the silence, I pierce through individuals and see them for everything they are not… And everything they are striving to be.


Soul : There’s a catch. Isn’t there always? Remember that quote at the beginning of the post, “You can only see in others what you have already accessed in yourself”. Well …IT’S TIME TO GET NAKED !!! …. Okay, a bit dramatic, but that’s the truth. If you really want to have an intimate interaction, you’re going to have to place your heart in that person’s hands as well. Yes, that means you can get hurt. Yes, that means that they could stab you in the back. Yes, that means that they could use your information against you and turn others against you as well.


The risks are there. I’m not blind to them. But the benefits of going there with someone far outweighs my fear of getting hurt. And if I am betrayed, or if I get hurt, or if someone walks out on me – I’ll be sad – but in the end I’ll be okay.


How can I ever truly be lonely if I enjoy my own company?


I think I’ll have more to say on this topic another time. But right now, I’m really tired and it’s time to settle into a peaceful sleep.


And no. I don’t sleep naked. But I almost always sleep in my briefs for those who are curious.


Smile, wonder, appreciate, give



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