sleepless night

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Submitted: December 29, 2017

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Submitted: December 29, 2017



Maybe it’s one of those night where I can’t sleep because I have all these Crazy things going through my head, I’ve been laying here trynna put myself to sleep I thought maybe I’m scared and I just don’t know it that’s why I can’t sleep. I tried counting sheep, I started thinking about how counting sheep is just a joke so what else could I do? Thought about you Nah.. couldn’t do it Still can’t sleep what could I do what could I do? I started thinking about any and everything that pops into my head, am I really scared? Why? Is the door open wide enough? Maybe I have to pee.. maybe I’m just not tired let me stay awake for another ten minutes lemme see if I get tired, nothing. Alright let me go on Facebook, alright. Video video video pictures video reading reading reading still not tired. Okay lemme go to my pictures. Maybe I could delete some stuff just to waste time and free storage. See some pictures of you of course I scroll past scroll scroll scroll, aww look at my babe everything is fine until my mind starts racing. Why is she with me? Do I really treat her bad how could I do better I can’t wait to see her what if I don’t get to see her what if something happens what if it’s not our year. I find myself on your picture. Staring. Wondering if I’m really good enough for you. Okay Stephanie let’s stop. She knows her worth and if she didn’t think you were worth it she wouldn’t be here. Okay.. we need to think about something else. Okay. Deleting pictures and videos. Okay I’m done here. Goes home okay I’m not tired Let’s see what to do..?.... Oouu calendar. When do we go back to school? Oh.. school. What am I going to tell my mom? Does she know I can’t go back without a parent? Okay well I know that mikes message was opened so that means she had to of seen it but Carlos could have opened it.. but I asked him he said he didn’t.. but what if he did and was just saying that? Come on Steph calm down.. right right.. but imma get in tro.. CALM DOWN STEPHANIE! Right okay. Searching searching.. I come to our messages.. I miss you.. I’m thinking about us again.. I start thinking back, I start feeling as if this isn’t for me. Whoa wait Steph what do you mean? You love her you love Sasha she’s your everything you can’t even sleep without her you’re crazy chill out.. of course I love her but what if maybe.. we aren’t compatible anymore.. what if I’m just too G for her maybe I’m just too street.. no steph come on, it’s okay.. yeah it is you’re right I’m just saying this because I’m tried right now everyone says crazy stuff when their tired.. I’m tired yet I can’t sleep? Because I’m overthinking just calm down. Okay okay. Humming humming.. hmmm hmmm. MUSIC maybe we could listen to music to fall asleep, yes yes. Okay umm YouTube where’s yout.. got it. Alright. What song?... umm okay go to the playlist close your eyes pick a song. Hmm okay. I close my eyes. Scroll scroll. I hope I get a good song. song comes on.. alright probably won’t put me to sleep next, alright scroll scroll eyes shut. Click. Hmm okay I like this one. I let it play. Close my eyes tried to sleep. Does this for about 5 minutes, 3 songs.. nothing. Alright. Let’s just go text Sasha she always makes you feel better. But she’s sleeping? Right right.. it’s 4:27 okay Snapchat let’s watch people’s story. Great let’s go. I open Snapchat. Hmm scroll scroll. No no no no don’t like you nope nope nope you’re weird.. okay I can watch you. Press press press dumb dumb dumb okay. Story is over.. umm wow okay scroll scroll no no nope no.. okay the rest of you are famous and I don’t care about. Umm okay let’s just make weird videos.. okay!! That’s fun play with filters and stuff.. video video picture picture. Gross I’m ugly. Okay no more camera. Okay let’s try to go to sleep now. Okay! Close my eyes.. did I plug my phone in? Yes Stephanie you did. Okay just making sure.. is it charging though I mean my charger is pretty stupid. Yep it’s charging.. umm I’m not tired.. okay let’s watch some Jane the virgin.. nah not in the mood okay then shameless you need to catch up anyways. Okay.. netfli.. mkay. Shameless there we go. Turn up volume. WOAH OKAY SHES NAKED NOPE turns it off. Okay Facebook we could try again with Facebook.. Seen it seen it boring what in the world is that. I watch a video. Next one nope dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb oouu.. wait seen it.. okay let’s just pretend we haven’t seen it and watch it again. I watch the video.. YAWN omg.. yes yes a yawn im getting tired. Okay let’s try to sleep now. Okay let’s post on Snapchat since we can’t sleep.. Snapchat, what can we post??.. just post the time or something right right okay I post the time and I wait.. for absolutely nothing because now it’s almost 4 in the morning so nothing will happen because while everyone is sleeping I’m wide awake.. okay umm let’s just lay here with these teddy bears.. OMG THIS ONE CAN BE THE BABY AND THIS ONE CAN BE SASHA!! I position the bears as if they were my child and my wife sleeping next to me.. wow. Still not tired. Okay let’s just umm idk.. let’s go pee. I get up to use the bathroom nothing.. okay let’s try to find some interesting things on google.. okay sure.. umm what should we look up? I dunno.. okay okay what do we do when we are bored? Imvu let’s go play with clothes and stuff.. okay looking looking oouu wow cute bitch cute.. okay well what now? Let’s try to chat with Someone.. I don’t want to talk to anyone but my girlfriend right now so no. Let’s go write about someone in our notes.. what to write about.. let’s write something for New Years. New Years revolution. Umm okay.. 

1.umm..  be a better person

2.dont let A hoe try you 

Well duh bitch ion let that happen now.. 

come on Steph you’re getting off track.. okay well ion wanna write about that.. okay well then let’s go talk to my babeeeeee!! Ooh yeah ooh yeah oouu oo.. but what about? Right right what can we tell her .. nothing interesting has happened 

I’m auntie is dying!.. no..

Umm.. so Nicole is getting a cute little necklace.. wow Nicole.. I miss her let’s see what’s up with her real quick 

I go to Snapchat.. hmm okay 

Hey Nicole what’s up?! .. I wait nothing. Okay she’s sleeping. Who else?? Scroll scroll scroll wow I really have no friends. This is so sad. Umm.. what percent is my phone on ?? Oh.. 43% okay well I’ll try to sleep about at 33% that’s a whole 10%.. okay smartass everyone knows that -_-.. damn okay.. inner voice you a little mean. Sorry.. wow.. I’m really low key talking to myself lmaoo I’m dead. Anyways back to Sasha.. what to say what to say.. I love you.. okay well yeah but what could I say after that?? Idk lemme just delete that.. I could talk to her about how crazy I am and my whole little experience right now.. alright good good a lot of typing.. 

type type type type type.. let’s see how much I’ve typed scroll scroll wow.. am I tired yet? Nope. Okay.  Type type type type. Should I add emojis? Nah I can’t say emojis in my head that would be false advertising.. I think. I dunno. No emojis. Okay okay jheez type type type type type.. what perc.. 37 .. wow. Dang does my head itch rn 

Itch itch what if I have bugs!!!????? Lol nahh I don’t okay Steph focus. Type type type type type.. I’m getting a headache.. am I tired yet? Eh just a little.. ughhh! Type type type type, okay let’s see how much.. scroll scroll scroll.. wow okay let’s just send and go to sleep.. okay.. let’s try to sleep.. but wait let me say I love you.. okay. 

I love you babe so much and I know this is a lot and I’m sorry! But I love youuu 

Okay girl come on sleep sleep sleep sleep we need sleep! Right right okay.. I turn off my phone. Did I say goodnight? Nope let me go say that 


Goodnight babe sleep well heart emoji heart emoji kissy face 

Wow.. I can’t wait to kiss her 

STEPHANIE NICOLE WE NEED TO TRY TO SLEEP.. right jheez calm down.. I put my phone down and now I’m laying there with a headache a kind full of things many many random things.. I need to sleep now

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