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Submitted: December 01, 2008

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Submitted: December 01, 2008



The Twilight Series. Ah, the current reading sensation that I'm sure everyone is reading. I myself, went to a bookstore and saw numerous teens and ladies alike reading this book. Why is it so attractive and fun to read? Thats what we will get to.

The Twilight Series is based on the love of Edward and Bella. There are many obstacles to overcome and other annoyances that keep them from being happily engaged. The first book deals with the increasing romance between the two and introduces a minor conflict that is based around another important aspect in all of the books. Bella becoming a vampire? Thats incredibly insain. Well to Edward anyway. Jacob is a very minor problem in Twilight but in New Moon, Eclispe, and Breaking Dawn he blooms into a dangerous rose. Beautiful and hurtful. I think thats apropriate.

The characters are okay in these books. Bella is mostly another form of Jesus in some aspects. She doesn't really care for herself as much as anyone. She always is blaming things on herself and Edward is similar. One thing I don't get about Bella is she is clusmy. Why did Stephanie Meyer make her clumsy? Nothing spectacular comes from that clusminess except countless sentences explaining her awakardness. I suppose this can be seen as a romance thing, but to me I'd rather like good characteristics rather than physical problems. I mean what do we know about Bella? Pretty much all I said in the previous introduction sentence. Jacob is annoying but turns into something actually funny when he actually becomes happy. That takes awhile though.

I really wanted some kind of cool twist in the last book. Something that would alter everything and set up new grounds. Instead there is a minor twist the whole book is based upon. Why do we want a whole book based on a minor twist when we could have a awesome one? For example, maybe some actual action. Nevermind. Most of the audience seems satisfied with repetetive romance. Personally, Romance is only upheld with some action making you care about it.

I have to say, I read these books fast. There was a certain charm to the characters that is hard to place. I liked the Cullen family and their interactions. I liked Edward and Bella. I was just disapointed that nothing came out of their characters. They seemed too static. Jacob on the other hand..He turned out cool.

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