Daddy I miss you

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There is to parts to this story.The first story is about a teenage girl who is stuck on her dad's death, she tends to keep everything inside until one day she told the boy she likes to hang out and she lets everything out.

Submitted: July 10, 2015

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Submitted: July 10, 2015



Melina and her Mother was in the car going home.

Melina's Mom- you've been really quiet what's wrong ?

Melina with her headphones -shock her head and look out the window trying to hold back tears.-

Melina's Mom- took out one headphone- I'm taking to you!

Melina: pushing off her mom and reaching for her headphone- I heard you damn and nothing wrong!

Melina's Mom: I know who you think you're talking to but you better watch your mouth!

Melina: put back in her headphone and looked out the window as she whiped her tear from her check.

The car ride became quiet until they pulled until their drive away and Melina's Mom put the car in park as she looked at Melina and said I know something bothering you what is it ?

Melina rolled her eyes and just got out the car!

Melina's mom took the keys out and walked to the door as opened it- is it because of that boy huh?

Melina: went in the house and went on the landed of the stair way with tears scolling down her face and said - Naw mom! but trust me when I say this I'm fine alright.

Melina's mom: looking into Melina's eyes helpless and sighed- alright.

Melina went upstairs as Melina's mom went in the kitchen .Hour later Melina came downstairs sniff and said- Mom I'm heading out!

Melina's mom walked out the kitchen : where you going?

Melina: The lake with T 

Melina's mom: I don't sweatie!?

Melina: Mom! you gotta trust me when I say this I'm going to be fine his coo peoples and his already here if you want to meet him !

Melina's mom looked out the window and back at Melina- I'll meet him over dinner be safe.

Melina: heading out the door - I will! and shut it .

As she walking towards the car .

T- yeah she walking out now talk to you later.

Melina; got in the car.hi

T- smiled and said well hi 

Melina: are we going to go ?

T- where?

Melina: the lake I 

T - smiled more- yeah yeah yeah ! I'm just messing with you as put his hand on her lap. and drove off.

Moments of driving the car filled with nothing but music . At the lake

T- whats you writting? - as he put the car in park and turnt it off-

Melina: a story about a girl who lost alot of people close to her and feeling like traped.

T; looking at Melina: damn that's deep.

Melina: shut her book and put it away - yeah but I don't want to bore you so come on - as she got out started walking towards the steps-

T- got out and started following her- naw you don't bore me matter of fact you can tell me anything and I won't tell nobody unless you want me to .

Melina: sqinting at the water- It's nt about telling people in fact I appericate you keeping everything I told you in the past a secret but no that don't really cross my mind at the moment what does is I'm about to graduate less then a month and I have no after goals.I mean I don't know if this truly where I wanna be.

T- sitting down beside Melina- I get what your saying & I know you probably don't want to hear this from me but Life is full of obstatles you gotta get threw them to get where you want to be at , by all means don't give up .

Melina; Thanks, but my dad past when I was little it didn't really effect me but now that I'm older that is all I dwell on.

T- looking at the water- yeah it be like that sometimes but you got to look at like this while your down here dwelling on it their up there kicket. I'm trying to break you or tell you to get over it hell naw but I'm pretty sure he wouldn't want you to stuck on the negavite.

Melina kissed T;

T: What was that for?

Melina: just my way of saying thank you ! and for always being here for me!
T: no promblem I'm down to talk about whatever.

Melina smiled as T sighed and said- yeah well your mom probably wants you in .

They both got up and melina said- actually she wanted to know if you wanted to stay for dinner?

T: hmmm as he looked around . yeah what she making as they started walking towards the car .

Melina: streak mash potas corn and mac and cheese.

T: That shit sounds good as hell

Melina said as she got in the car- it is 

- The end-

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