Do you got what it takes?

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Serioge, AJ and LaQuan are just a small group of high schoolers who are up to no good, until oneday Serioge saw an ad on Tv a way that could change his life forever , and his high school sweat heart who had the same dream.

Submitted: June 12, 2015

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Submitted: June 12, 2015



It was just another day in Collinwood as you could see nobody was up in this mess expect Serioge wake up ! Serioge mom yelled as she tried to open his door but clothes was in the way . Serioge mumble man she always buggin! as he said not knowing she hasn't left. What you say as she walked back by his door! Serioge said as he wriped his face I'm up! as he getting ready let kicket it off to Melina. Melina mom was to wake her up when she walked in her room to see her siting infront of the mirror with a sad look. Melina's mom walked in whats wrong honey? you nerves ? Melina shock her head .Melina's mom said as she smiled well if it helpes I think your outfit looks fablous on you ! Melina got up no ew no mom! what did I say ? I'm fine okay , I just need some time for myself okay ? Melina's mom sighed well not to long you gotta go to school! Melina looked back in the mirror and sighed! Aj house where Aj was in the bathroom and his sister was in the kitchen waiting to get into the bathroom. Maur can do mommy and favor and go knock on the bathroom door and tell Unlce A to hurry up so I could get in there? What if he don't answer me? Then tell him ima knock him out . Maur run to the bathroom door and yelled loud enugh so Aj could hear him . My momma said if you don't hurry up she gonna knock you out ! Aj laughed and said oh yeah well tell her does she have my money ? Aj sister heard and butted in man don't be bring my promblems up around my son like that ! but yeah I gotchu now can you hurry up?! Aj pause double or nothing! Fine now come on ! Aj open the door and said come on.Aj sister laugh and said thanks for telling me to come in but I got you next pay check as she shut the door. Man ryse you better have my double or else ! Aj grandma came in or else what ?! AJ smiled nothing grama. Laquan house where Quan was workingout yo oh you already up Laquan big brother said.  Yeah you know I gotta get pumped . Laquan older brother laughed and said man shut yo ass up and go eat as he started laughing. Moments after all the mess Melina mom was going over the information Melina needed to know about after school inlcuding how she was stick about having no boys over because she didn't want her to end up like her sister. I know mom Melina sighed and looked the other way , Melina's mom still looking in the mirror I'm just telling you because I don't you to end up like your. Melina butted in I know mom , and I won't ! Melina's mom stop what she was doing and turned her attention on Melina , Look I know this is a new town for you but were going to get threw this I promoise. Melina sighed again I know you said that about the last four houses we had  and walked out the door. Lawuan was walking when he spoted an old friend that used to live down the street from him . Yo! Wuan is that you ?! Lawuan turned around to see Ed? The biggest clown from the street? Yeah man Ed said as he smiled ear to ear walking up to Lawuan to give a hug . Wussop man ? Lawan backed up not shit just about to head to this booty ass school what you about to get into ? What ! I thought yo ass would of been drop out but naw about to run this money I was about to ask if you wanted to come but I see you got brian on me. Lawaun laughed as he was about to walk away stay out of trouble man . - school where Aj was already sitting in class when Laquan walked in- where Serioge at ? Lawuan sitting down man I haven't been up in this school less this 2 mins and you already asking about a nigga I have no watch over ?! you want his bootyhuh? Aj smacked his lip hell naw cuz I just needed to get my headphones back. Lawuan watched as a girl walked by mm and speaking of booty finest of finest . A kid in the back said I heard she slipin niggas up in the bathroom! Lawuan still watchin well shit she aint come my way yet so it aint my promblem he said as he gave aj a five . Bell rang and Serioge came in and Lawuan said my man ! okay class Ms k. said sitting behide her desk take out your books and turn to page 11. Lawuan mumble man this stuiped book still! Aj whispter yo Serioge you got my headphones? Serioge who was sitting in front of lawuan and beside Aj said yeah here as he handed it to him . and quietly read. Lawaun open his book but then set his attention on Serioge who was in front of him, yo bunny boy was over worried about you and me as yo homie was wonder if you got caught up in some booty or D? Serioge turned his attention to lawuan and said with no hestination Naw. Lawuan looked at Aj who was sitting next to him so you like D? AJ said . Serioge said again with no hesnation hell naw ! Lawuan set his attention back on Serioge so which is it man ? Serioge sighed the booty ! Lawuan said my man has he went to give Serioge a shack and Aj butted in saying man I knew you could do it but who was it with? Before Serioge could get another word out a boy behide AJ said Shh! Aj looked at Lawuan and Serioge and said did he just Shush me?! Lawuan and Serioge laughed . AJ turned his attention to the boy behide him boy I don't know who misplacing but I don't get shush . so shut up . Ms K. butted in boys ! do you mind being quiet please ? Aj sighed sorry Ms.K and looked down at his book. Soon the class was over come with Slince when A boy behide Lawuan taped him on his shoulders aye? Lawuan still in his book wussop? the boy said again aye? Lawuan still in his book wussop? another moment past when the boy did it again . aye? Lawuan turned around nigga what do you want don't you see I'm trying to read ! Aj and Serioge turned around along with some of the other classmates that was around them . The shy boy said in a soft voice can you pass this to Cythina?! Lawuan looked at the folded paper and said what is this? The got nerves and said a note ? Lawuan took the note and turned his attention on AJ and Serioge yo peep this , this nigga still be writting notes? Aj and Lawuan laughed . as Lawuan turned his attention back on the boy , you want her huh? The boy shock his head . Well bad she don't want you as he went to go throw the note on his decks . Ms K got up and said Boys what part don't you understand slient read? Lawuan got loud but this time it wasn't me ! Ms. K well who ever it is stop talking and read! Lawuan put his headdown and said man she always trippin . Soon class ended the boys were about to head out when Ms.K stoped Lawuan and said May I speak with you ? Lawuan said and mumble man what see want now? Serioge said man I'll catch you at the court, as him and Serioge was heading out !

- At serioge locker -

Serioge was getting in his locker when he heard a voice say ugh open already ! He glance up to see a girl stuggling to get in her locker so he got what he needed and shut his locker and started walking to the girl who was three lockers down from his and said Here let me up with a smile. Melina looked up and said go for it but It won't before she got another word out the locker open and Serioge said I had this locker last year just have to twist it a couple of times . Melina moved her hair away from her face and said thanks as she made her away into her locker. Serioge still standing but the locker your welcome but I take it as your new because I haven't seen you around before ? Melina putting her books into her locker yeah I did. Serioge smiled and said so you where you from ? Melina shut her locker and said downtown but I got transfered. Serioge laughed and said oh so now your a Transformer thats wussop! naw I'm just messin with you but my name is Serioge but some people call me Serio. Melina smiled and said Melina but people just call me Nina. Serioge said well I better be going don't want you to be late for you next class. Melina yeah same goes for you and said but it was nice meeting you and walked away as she bit her lip to hold back her smile. 

-Basketball Court-

Where Serioge and Aj was playing ball when they spoted Lawuan . Serioge spoke up first wussop man ? Lawan shock his head just got back from Doc when I came up from this plan to get some money ! Aj butted in so what did Ms.K say ? Lawuan turned his attention on Aj with discuss that bitch gave me saturday school! Aj added in you gonna serve it?! Lawuan mocked AJ what type of question is that ? I'm you gonna serve it ?! hell naw cos and before the mf starts asking me a dumb mf quesion peep this out so I was headed here from docks when something hit me . Lawuan explained his plan on how he was gonna get money and then said so are you guys in ?! a long pause came about and then Lawuan added in man yall supppose to be my boys now you guys wanna flop me ?! before Lawuan went more into it AJ step up and said I'm in ! Lawuan said thank you and turn his attention on Serioge are you in or out ? before serioge could get his final answer Lawuan said we can't fully do this without you ! Serioge goaned alright fine . Lawuan said coo as he put his arms around both of there shoulders and started walking. AJ said but what about after ?Lawuan laughed oh you gonna like this we going to your house! Aj said why my house because dummy peep this yo parents work yo sister be out and we have the house to our self plus on top of that your house be brangin with food so what you say ? AJ sighed alright . Lawuan came to his stop which was his apartment yeah so just meet where I said to meet up at directly at 8 am no lately . they agree alright coo later Lawuan said as he walked in his apartment door.

-Next Morning by a shop-

Lawuan said alright coo where almost there everybodyknow what were getting? Lawuan snaped his finger to get Aj attention , yo ugh huh what ? aj said as he snapped as his daze, Lawaun yo man forcus do you know what were getting? Aj said naw as he watch the girl walk past him . Lawaun slaped his head . and AJ said ow man you know I'm getting really tired of you slapping me . Lawuan well shit focus this is a once type deal and I don't need no bunny boy looking dummy messin it up you understand that or naw? AJ said man just go I know what were getting ! - after they got what they needed  they ran out and Serioge got distracted by this who looks like Melina. Lawuan stop running and ran back to get serioge who was just staring at Melina look alike . Man come on Lawuan said yellin . Serioge didn't move . Lawuan still in loud voice man what the fuck you lookin at ! hmm?! Serioge snapped at out his daze and said nothing I thought I was seeing things , come on lets go ! -Aj house- Serioge walked by the living room and said I know we did this a couple of times but shit things could change are you sure your parents gone?! Lawuan came in and sat on the couch and said man why you buggin all of the sudden you know his parents work 7 to 9 and plus his dad a new reporter probably talking up the storm as we speak . AJ said yeah but I don't wanna hear his ass and plus my sister out of town . Word I thought she had an interview just yeaterday . She did but you know how that go . Serioge said oh she didn't get it ?! naw she got it she just with her baby daddy . Lawuan said man all this baby daddy and where yo parents at , man whos your food! Aj said man you know where my food at . Lawuan got in the fridge and said ow yo man made some geets and steak oh shit ! .Aj and Serioge went in the living room to watch tv . Lawuan came in man I know y'all staven. no answer came about . oh so know y'all aint gonna answer me ! Serioge spoke how could we eat at the time like this man ! Lawuan said oh what so know you having a soft spot now! no answer ! man this sition is between being a nobody and somebody and you telling me you rather sit and leave with your momma well being a nobody ! I rather be a nobody then be known as somebody who robs from people. Lawuan started laughing you wild .Soon an ad came on tv that said Attention all local rappers, you think your good enough but the only ones who every heard was your family / friends well come down to out back and audtion this saturday 2-8pm winners get to perform and take home the grand prize . Serioge got up  and said now thats what I'm talking about! Lawuan said man sit yo ass down. Aj said man just because it said got talent doesnt mean you got some and beside we aint never heard your ass rap ! Serioge said man you wildin remember at my family bbq I was spittin real fire . Lawuan added in yeah that got let out real quick ! Serioge sat down and said whatever I'm prove all ya'll wrong watch ! - soon it got quiet and they heard the door unlock with some voices - 

they all hide behide the couch and Serioge said yo I thought you said yo parents was workin while your sister was with her baby daddy?Aj said shit I don't know and took a peep . Aj's dad came in with another women and said and you wana know what I said ? The women smile from ear to ear said what ? I said get you some bussiness the women started laughing and said you funny . The dad said only for you baby and went in the bedroom and shut the door ! Yo since when was your dad cheatin on your mom? aj shock his head and shit I don't even know but lets get out of here before I make a sene . and left - later on that when AJ walked in late- aj rolled his eyes as he walked pass the talb as his dad said where you going son? AJ snapped and said  where you think I'm going ? his dad said look I aint one of your home boys where you would get smart with it . Aj butted in yeah your right your not because if you was we would be upfront about what we doing and not hide it from our familys ! and walked away leaving his mother to say baby what he talking about ? I don't hunny I really don't . [Thursday Lawaun was outside AJ window yelling] Aj! Yo AJ ?! Lawuan yelled again when AJ's sister came in his room yo aj I know you hear yo nigga calling for you . AJ smaked his lip naw nigga . Aj's sister smacked her lips back and said you should his been calling it for the past min everybody in this house could hear it.-AJ got up and open his window- Yo I'll be out there in a sec- AJ left his window open put on a fresh shirt and pants and headed grabing his shoes as he headed out the door. As Aj walked out he saw Lawuan sitting on his step and sat down to put on his shoes . Wussop why you here early? Lawuan laughed and said nigga it aint early it's 3 in the evening , AJ sat up to get his only shoe damn foreal? Lawuan said yeah but forget all that bullshit I came to check on you fiqure since I ain't seen you in awhile something been holdin on . AJ sat up and said man nothing been holdin on I've just been keepin my distances. Lawuan shock his head and said man you and Serioge must of got together and planed to stop talking to me after what went down ! AJ looked back and said naw I haven't talk to serioge since that night either . Lawuan took his straw out word his been acting funny every since he saw that audition all that tv . AJ said man , last get up outa here. Lawuan and Aj where walking and stoped by a panic talb in the court , you got a square ? Lawuan handed him his last one and said so hows the house hold holding up every since you told them about your dad ? AJ took a puff and said man I aint tell them shit I fiqure my dad would be man enough to say that night when I put him on front but I guess not and now I haven't talked to none of them expect my sister when she came and said yo was at the window. Lawuan looking at people play basketball . word well I aint trying to tell you what to do or another but word to homie don't wait until the last mintue because I know where your heart at and thats not to heart yo mommy and see your family crush but once when that point break all fiqures are gonna be on you saying you knew but why you aint tell. AJ said yeah you right but can we change the subject because I don't want to talk about this. [Next day school it was health class]

The teacher was explain the project when the teacher was fishened she asked the class did they have any questions the boy four chairs over from melina raised his hand . Yes Melio . When is this project due and can Melina be my partner as he looked over towards her and smiled . I'll give you guys about two weeks and Thats up to her . The teacher said is there any more questions ? no okay ? well pick your partner! Serioge walked over and said may I take this sit ? Melina looked up and said go for it , I see you stalk me now . Serioge laughed and said I can get back up and have him come over here . Melina looked up and said naw I'm straight but I got a question . Serioge sitting back wussop? How come I never seen you around anymore she said as she stoped writting to look at him . Serioge said oh as he sat up I see you been looking for me . Melina smiled and said I mean yeah you was my locker buddieh and it was kind of boring sitting in this class hearing him go on and on about how had some crushes. Serioge smiled and said yeah he coo but he be wanting a chance with the wrong girls . What you mean ? Serioge said his in my first hour and he wrote this note to this girl name Cythina that he had no chance with .Melina said you never know girls could have soft spot for a guy like him thats true ,but I know how you females mind work , oh and how that she said with a smile. Some girls will take a guy like him for advantages including if you dated a fuck a boy for so long you was brain washed on what he was doing to you that it'll make him seem like his whip , so you go to him with questions making him think he has a chance but in reality its just to get advice on what you should do to the next fuckboy . Melina looked down and said damn where do you fall in line? Serioge licked his lips and said I fall in between If I don't like a girl I'm an asshole but if I like you then I'm whiped you could say but you'll only see me doing that if I really like you . Melina said really and how could that happen ? Serioge said man laughing alright you gotta be a down ass girl I don't want my girl hoen in dudes faces non of that expect family . movitaing and don't lie .Melina smiled and said I see . Soon the bell rang and Melina said well see you tomorrow . Serioge said wait Ill walk with you . in the halls Melina smiled and said you most really like me . Serioge smiled and said why you say that ? Melina rolled her eyes and smiled come on you walked me to my locker help me when I don't need help . Serioge said did you forget my Locker 3 lockers down for you but I'll give you the peep yeah i'm feeling you Melina got bumped and drop all her books ugh ! Serioge helping her here and ow you forgot one more thing . Melina opening her locker thanks. Melina's rap book hmm? Melina said no don't . he open it to read the first to lines. you good why don't every spint em ? Melina said I do but I don't think I'm fully ready for em . Serioge shut the book and said stop think with your brain and start thinking with your heart . you love it so try it . Word on the street theirs an audition popin tomorrow and if you like I'll walk past your house and we could walk together. Melina smiled as she bit her lip i'll like that . Next day Melina and serioge went to the audtion and got to perform on stage. Aj stepped up and told his family his truth not as bad as thought just got questioned for why he was home that day and his dad trys calling his mom once a try just get his apolgy out but she aint try to hear and plus he lost his job . And me shit I'm just the life .

The end 

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