I just want to feel pretty again

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Milla was just a 19 year old girl who wanted to feel pretty again. She told this boy named Tay who was a manager for one of the strip clubs down the street from her house , that she'll make a move with him and start working for him . While Milla was working her daily shift an ex came in to have a few beers with his friend named Brandon. As they were walking out brandon spotted Milla and pointed it out to Amaur the ex and Amaur started questioning why is she doing this?

Submitted: May 27, 2015

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Submitted: May 27, 2015



At The Club

Amaur was sitting at the bar watching the girls walk by with a bottle in hand when his friend came up and said. Aye you find any girl you like yet? Amaur looked and said with a smile aye B and shit you know me I see them I snatch them and plus they naked two man I think I might have to pay extra just to take one home! B started laughing you crazy but I feel it ! Amaur taking a sip of beer and looking at B so how have you been I haven't seen you since you burnt that roach on my momma's couch . B comb his head oh my fault your sister's friend was to hype for me man like she aint never prof one before!, but I'll pay for it if the damage still there. Amaur laughing man don't worrie about it  but how you been? B shit I've been wonderful stackin up this crash & shit . Word! you still work at ugh?. B said yeah as pay the bar tendor Wendys? Yeah I still work there I'm a manager now and I stock for Krogers.Amaur setting aside his beer foreal? B grabing his beer yeah and whenever yo ass is ready to stock somelet me know cos these streets aint getting you nowhere. Amaur put his head down as he said I know then put it up for but naw I've been looking I'm going to college to get my credits up and thinking about getting my job back ,funny thing you mention kroger though because I just put my application in. B setting down his beer word which one? The one over here on Chicgo. B said foreal thats where I work I'ma talk to the manager and see wussop about it . Thanks man I appericate that! No problem B said as he got up but Ima head out though before this bitch start blowing up my phone. Amaur turnt around you have a bitch? B laughed yeah dog she somen nice to!  What she like? B smiled well I can't go straight into that cos its long but her personailty A1,She works, drives and has her own crib I'm staying at ! Amaur getting up to walk out with B shit!does she have any silbings? B shacking his head as smirk yeah but there all taken . Damn ! B stoped yeah but wussop with you and Milla? Amaur looked around man I haven't talked to that bitch in a min . Long pause came between them two when B pointed Milla.Yo! ain't that Milla right there? Amaur sqinting man you know my eyesight fucked up at night! B voice got loud yo she walking this way.What you doing dog yell for her! Amaur with no hesitnation Milla! Yo MIlla ?! Milla turned around to Amaur and B standing there waving to come here and she started laughing. Wussop you guys about to pay for a pravite lap dance? Amaur said nope. B yo Ima catch you later . Milla looked Amaur up and down ohp well bye! Amaur grabed her arm but what are you doing here? Milla snatched her arm back I work here now if excrise me I got paper to catch she said asked walked away laughing . Amaur grabed her arm again. What are you doing? Get off of me!Milla said as she tried to grab her arm away but Amaur had a strong grip on her and said you been drinking? Soon the Manager a.k.a Tay came up Milla you alright? Amaur let go of her arm and said  their aint no promblem. Tay looked at Amaur man no disrespect but I was talking to my lady and turned his attention back on Milla you coo? Milla looked at  Amaur and back at Tay yeah I'm fine.Tay with a smile said okay well go get that money and I'll see you at home they watched as she walked away and when she was out of sight Tay attention went back on Amaur. Man what are you doing I know they fine as hell and just wanna snatch him up and do shit with them but you can't! Amaur looked around it must of slipped my mind you know to much liquor ? I feel it he said folding his arms. But I got a question Amaur said wraping his mouth. Wussop? Is that you ? Tay said with a confused look is what me? Amaur backed up and said with a smile Milla? I mean you could say that why you feelin her ?! naw and other question when does she work again? Ugh 7- close tomorrow . Amaur said thanks as he backed away . 

That night Amaur stayed up over thinking on why , how, and what was he going to say to Milla when he sees again. The next day came it sliped his mind until they was alone and she was about to do her dance on him . Amaur with second thought stoped her and said this going to sound funny but I don't want this. Milla stoped excrise me?! Amaur said in a somewhat loud voice I said I don't want this! Milla tiring her clothes back up then shit move because I got ballers coming in and you in the way ! Amaur with a confused look why are you doing this? Its like your a new person ! Everything was slipping Milla mind until Amaur said everything you said you wouldn't do your doing ! Milla stoped and turned around. What happened ? Milla looked at Amaur please don't act like you care now ! And don't  bring up the past like its my fault ! Milla set on the couch beside Amaur as he got closer what gotten into you ? She looked away and sighed and looked at Amaur trying to hold back her tears I just wanted to feel pretty again! Amaur with a confuse what do you mean you are pretty , your beyond pretty your beautiful he said as he touch her face. Milla moved her head back so he move his hand , and said in the begin of our relationship I was thinking I was on top of the world , and then you started going out doing you and started questioning myself on why them? Whats wrong with me? Maybe I'm not good enough , So I started going out my way to impress you but we spit . Amaur tried to put his input in it but Milla counitued and said yes its true I'm doing things I said I wouldn't do but you also said somethings you wouldn't do and still did them! But it don't matter nomore my life changed she said as she smiled and I'm pretty sure yours probably did to . Tay walked in you okay? Milla looked at Tay yeah were just wrapping up , then Amaur walked out. Tay shut the door behide Amaur and sat next to Milla on the couch you sure? Milla faning herself so no tears would fall looked at Tay and smiled couldn't be better,but whose next? Tay smiled and said woah slow down there girl I fiqured you did better good you first shot so I put you on the schudule for vaction week . Milla looked confused foreal but whose going to take this spot? Tay smiled don't worrie I got it handle now go get your belongies I wanna take you out to dinner. Milla grabed her belonges in the car. You try that chinesse food you was down to try in Ohio? Milla smiled oh so this what you do when females that work for you do wonderful huh? Tay laughed naw just you as he placed his hand on her lap your my number 1 my rider. Milla looked out the window then back at Tay thats cute but I can't be your number 1 due to the fact your kid is your number 1 . Tay smiled true true but I got a question. Milla said wussop as she took one glance out the window and then at Tay . How come it seem like you wanted to cry when that nigga was in that room ? Did he hit you ? No Tay Milla said as she tried to speak again chock you.Milla looked out the window no . Tay still guessin . No!? Tay Milla said as she looked at him . He didn't do anything because he was to into feelings. What you mean?I mean his my ex I won't go into details because it don't matter but he asked me a question that caught my attention and that was why you doing this? and  what you say ? I just wanted to feel pretty again , the funny thing about is everything I was telling him no about I'm over here doing for you . Yeah and why that? Milla looked away I don't know I think its because I'm really feeling you ad I don't want to loose another person I'm close to, I mean it may sound funny because we talked most the time and only kicket three times befre I made this move but I guess in between all that i gain feelings.You don't have to do what I want for me to like you ! Milla said with a confused look I don't . Tay laughed naw there more to you that I like . Milla said smiling yeah and whats that? Tay put one hand over his mouth and wraped it shit your personailty , you down , you can't find many like you and the fact you want to see me shine and this move you said you would do it , I just told you about it . Milla said 100 .But if you didn't want to make this move why did you say yes? Milla smiled and looked at Tay I didn't say I didn't want to I was just having a  momment of I wanted to feel pretty again . What you mean beautiful? I mean I spent three years trying to impress a fuck boy that I forgot what it felt like to just do me and plus I always wanted to see what it would be like to be a stripper so either way . I see well just like you always told me nomatter what we go through I'll always be here for you and plus were gonna make it on top  I can see it . Milla foreal . Tay smiled yeah and kissed 

-The End-


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