Nobody understand me like you do

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While Alyson's Mother went out town for her "business trip" Alyson stays at a close friends house for three weeks and during those trips Alyson falls for the son and gets home sick.

Submitted: April 18, 2015

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Submitted: April 18, 2015



In the car-Monday

Alyson: I don't see why I have to go to Ashley's house !.

Mom: Relax Honey it's for three weeks 

Alyson: Yeah three whole weeks wasted from my life

-in front of the house-

Mom- And where here, need me to help you?

Alyson: don't bother -got out the car-

Mom-got out the car- Come on honey , their really happy to see you just give them a chance you'll love it hear

Alyson:-faked a smile- don't worrie about me go have fun on your little bussiness trip!-walked away-

Mom-getting back in the car-okay well I'll call you when I land

Carmella Mom: is that Alyson!?

Alyson: Hi Ms.Mella

Carmella:gosh you got tall, why don't you go in and get yourself comfortable Ashley's upstairs she really exicted that your staying.

Alyson: walking towards the house:I Bet

Alyson mom:Hi Mella how you and Jimmy doing?

Carmella; I must of not told you but Jimmy and I spilt it's going on two years now.

Alyson's Mom: What Why

Carmella: We had alittle money issue let just say and we got tired of the agruing so oneday we agreed that one of us needs to leave, and as you see I wasn't the one.

Alyson's Mom: awe I'm very sorry to hear that 

Carmella:It's fine

Alyson's mom: Well I better be going tell Alyson I'll call her when I land 

Carmella: Will do bye now

-In The House-

Mella- I see you made yourself comfortable , you didn't tell ashley you was here yet?

Alyson: No not yet , I just wanted to see if my mother was going make a fool of herself again

Mella;Honey your mother going to be fine she just going on alittle bussiness trip that all

Alyson mumble: sure she is

Mella: What ?

Alysson: Oh Nothing

Mella heading towards the fridge you want anything?

Alysson: No I'm fine thank you 

Mella: Okay just know this house is your house to so you don't have to be shy :yelled for Ashley , She'll show you where your room is

Ashley: What!?

Mella; Somebody here to see you !

Ashley okay here I come!

Mella: So how is everything back home?

Alyson-sighed- just fine , Max going to college , mom always working and I'm just doing the same old thing

Mella:I see

-And before she could get out another word Ashley came down-

Ashley: Alyson?!

Alyson:The one and only(smiled)

Ashley:oh my gosh and gave a hug how have you been?

Mella; Ugh Ash will be kind and showher to her room?

Ashley- sure come on as she said headed towards the stairs-


Ashley: Okay so as you  see the first room you see as you walk up the stairs that Monica's room don't mind the mess , she was suppose to pick up before she went to her dad's but you see that didn't happen ,-shutting the door behide Alyson) follow me here to your left thats My room I need to do some cleaning myself but I never got around to it , 

Alyson: I see 

Ashley: walking staright and this will be your room have any questions you now know where to find me

Alyson; still standing in the hall way : yeah who room is this as she pointed to the closed door besides hers?
Ashley: Oh that's endan's room and oh right aross from your room is the bathroom

Alyson: Where is he at ? and where does your mom sleep?

Ashley: his at work and she sleeps down stairs anymore questions?

Alyson-looked around no thanks and walked into her room-

Ashley: okay diner should be done around 5 and ill leave you alone to unpack- walked away-

Alyson: yeah thanks mom

-5 dinner-

Mella: Ashley may you go tell Alyson diners ready .

Ashley went up stairs-justin came in-

Endan- laying his belongings by the door- ow! momma I'm sorry, but I was stuck in traffic and mm what you cooking?

Mella; Ot , You better not touch that food , you know the rules whats wrong with you ?

Endan:sorry momma long days I be forgettin

Mella; well the rules never change so go wash your hands!

-upstairs alyson room-knock knock-

Alyson listening to her headphones

Ashley- Alyson ? Alyson! Alyson?-threw a pillow

Alyson- oh ugh I'm sorry 

Ashley- my mom said dinner ready , you coming?

Alyson-yeah I'm coming right now


Edan: need any help moma before I sit down?

Mella;No go ahead baby just sit down.

-Alyson and Ashley came downstairs and sat down-

Edan: looked at Alyson who was across from him: I don't think we met but my name is.

Alyson: Edan I know who you are, we used to push each other in your grandmas pond.

Edan:Foreal I don't remember.

Mella; Putting down the last plate; I'm sorry Aly but you have to excus Edan here because he seems to forget alot.

Edan: dang momma why you got to threw my under the bus like that 

Mella; I'm just telling the truth ,now come dinner tomorrow are you going to wash your hands?

Alyson: Oh I'm sorry was I suppose to do that ?

Mella: You're fine honey your plate is already made 

Ashley: dang momma

Mella; What!

Edan; so how long are you staying here for?

Mella: Edan leave the poor girl alone and let her eat !

Alyson; Smile and said it fine and looked at edan : about three weeks in making .

Edan:smile and his dimples appeared - cool

-everybody was talking expect Alyson who soon snaped out of her dize-

Alyson; Well thanks for the dinner Ms. Mella but I'm about to go to bed.

Mella:you sure were about to have some cake and ice cream

Alyson; Looked at Endan and then at Mella:and smiled: Yeah I'm sure I had along day but thank you -and turned and walked up the stairs.

Ashley: way to go Endan you scared her off

Endan: I didn't scare off nobody , you clearly heard the trick she was tired

Mella; Endan watch yo lanuage

Endan: I'm just saying like you said! I'm going to bed myself night.


Endan: walked in on Alyson who was getting dress in the bathroom-ow I'm sorry

Alyson; gasp and turned the other way. and quickly put on her shirt-

-the next morning-in ALyson room

Ashley: rise and shine sleepy head

Alyson; ugh what time is it?


Alyson: wake me up in 10 more mins!

Ashley: No now we got alot to do today , so hurry 

Alyson; goaned as she got out of bed.


Mella:Goodmoring , as she set the pancakes and eggs down on the talb-

Alyson  sat down-

Mella;So how did you sleep?

Alyson: I slept to good , that I forgot you guys are morning birds.

Mella-Laughed- somedays but dig in .

-Justin came down-morning.

Mella-morning honey, oh Aly your mother called an hour ago and you wanted to speak to you when you woke up.

Alyson; she probably just wants to tell me she made it , so I'm coo and countuie to eat.

Mella: took a deep breath

Ashley: coming down stairs okay so I got the day planed out we're going to the lake!

Alyson: what are we going to do at the lake?

Endan:your just going to sit their while Ashley and her boyfriend shove their tongue down each other throat.

Ashley: that is not true but we are going to meet up with my boyfriend .

Endan: see as he put syrup on his pancake- that why if you want you can stay with me I'll show you how to work on cars

Alyson: as much fun as that sounds, all pass today is a nice day to go swimming.

Ashley: so you are going!

Alyson: Yes.

Ashley: great hurry up and go get dress.

-upstairs got ready -downstairs-

Ashley: you ready?

Alyson: yeah , about to go outside:uhm edan would you like to come?

Endan:Uhm naw I'll just sit here and chill

Alyson- smile and said okay 

-outside walking-

Ashley: This is ranom but do you like my brother?

Alyson looked around; Naw why you ask that ?

Ashley: Just wondering.


Mella; picking up the plates; what was that about?

Endan: she just ask me if I wanted to go to the lake?

Mella: No I mean I haven't seen you this happy well since you was a baby 

Endan: What is it a crime to be happy now?

Mella; Well no I'm just saying that every since you saw you Alyson you haven't took your eyes off each other.

Endan: Well you know me I can't control what these women look at ,shot I'm sexy around here they call me sexy E 

Mella:laugh oh really , well sexy E since you decided to stay home do you mind washing these dishes?

Endan: I changed my mind I wanna see wussop at the lake

Mella: Should of known!

Endan: ran up the stairs.


Ashley: sorry where late.

Eddie:You cool, 

Aj: whoes your friend?

Ashley: Oh Eddie ,Aj and Ceaser this is my friend Alyson she going to be staying with me for three weeks

Ceaser:three weeks oh homes that is not enough say, I need about a month 

Alyson: why?

Aj:because a pretty girl like you derseve time to get to know and I feel like you need a month before you expand your true colors

Ceaser :yes essay , what do you say ?

Alyson looked at ashley who was about to walk away uhm

Ashley: there nice people just give them a chance me and Eddie will be over here if you need us!

Aj; so what do you say touching her hair.

Alyson: I say don't touch my hair essay and back away from me

Ceaser; Oh hear that homes sirta has alittle attutidue promblem say ms . what happens if we don't huh you going to cry 

Alyson: pretty girls don't tear were soliders!

-Endan came; Hey ash

eddie: aye my man, wussop havent seen you about a year .

Endan: Wussop hey ash, where Alysson.

Ashley; gave an attuitude , you see who Im with right? when I'm with him nothing else matters so go look for her yourself!.

Endan walked away-

Eddie- hey mawhy you do her like that ?

Ashley: if you was in my shoes you would understand

Eddie: True but I'm pretty sure Ill understand it to if you explain it to me

Ashley explain -Endan and Alyson-

Endan: aye Alyson.

Alyson: Smile oh hi

Ceaser: oh look who decided to come back from the dead.

Aj: wussop homes haven't seen you in years how it going

Endan: You know working and schooling really get a nigga mind right  but aye may I talk to alyson alone

Aj; Hey I think this here is Endans girlfriend I'm sorry Ms. we didn't know you was taking !

Alyson; looked at Endan; and laughed: but were not together 

Ceaser: I see you picked the right one she already lying for you bro, Don't worrie we didn't touch her but she is sexy rawr

Alyson;took a deep breath okay can we get out of here.

Endan: laughed yeah come on 

-in the woods-

Alyson; where excatly are you taking me?

Endan: don't worrie were almost here just have to cross this bridge-

-crossed bridge-

Endan: and here were are: 

Alyson; It's beautfuil

Endan: Yeah I fiqured you would say that 

Alyson turning her attention towards Endan ,so what you want to to talk to me about 

Endan: remember you asking me if I remember you from my grandmas house?

Alyson: I didn't put them in them excat words but yeah what about it ?

Endan: well after dinner I got the thinking and came across this picture.

Alyson: looked at the picture which was a picture of them as babies; awe im surpice you still kept it , but putting her hands in on her lap, I know thats all you came here just to say 

Endan; laughed and said what you mean?

Alyson: smacked her lips don't act like you forgot what happen last night,remember I was in the bathroom..

Endan;laughed oh yeah that , I told you I'm sorry what more do you want for me.

Alyson laughed nothing I thought that why you dragged me all the way over here for.

Endan: looked at the water fall: naw , I come down here and think when I have days off.

Alyson; looked around: yeah it is a nice place to gather your thoughts foreal but what your friends was talking about it seem like you get no days off.

Endan laugh no I do I just take a different way to get up here, and to be real with you , your the only girl that been up here with me

Alyson; smiled boy stop lying you probably had 12 and you all had the same saying to that but said it differently,

Endan; looked at Alyson no I'm serious .

Alyson; then what makes me so speical?

Endan: looked back at the water; I don't know, I just feel like I have a better connection with you then  these other bitches and plus after you left me and my mom got the talking and she never seen me happy since I was a baby and if you put two and two together I was with you when I was a baby.

Alyson: smiled - You're cute but your not coming on to me that easy 

Endan: laughing what you mean? 

Alyson: I mean you gonna have to do alittle better then tell me how you feel about me and what you and momma was talking about.

Endan: Really and what that 

Alyson: Action , talk is cheap , we could sit here today and talk up the storm about what we got in stoage for each other but next day were at the say place we started and me personally I don't got time for!

Endan: yeah I feel you

.-got up and held out his hand-

Alyson: what?

Endan: I'm trying to help you up laughing

Alyson: oh 

-got up and headed back to the house_

Alyson:where we going?

Endan: you sure do have alot of questions but to my crib

ALyson; what about your sister?

Endan: what about her , she kickets with eddie until dinner and i'm pretty sure you dont want to sit here being the thrid wheel do you ?

Alyson: maybe 

Endan: Shit slaute yourself

Alyson -I'm tindy 


Mella; Dinner would be done around5;30 .

Endan: ok

-they went up stairs-

Endan; let me go set up my Dvd player .

Alyson: Alright as she went into her room to check her phone-

-phone- 3 miss call from mom a text and a text from lexi-

Lexi-you'll never guess who I seen at the movies today kissing?sent a picture

Alyson say and got teary eye- 

Endan; okay I got it sat up what movies do you like?

Alyson: wriped her tears- uhm it don't matter.

Endan: whats wrong?

Alyson: nothing just my algies acting up again -got and walked out the room leaving her phone in her room-

-Endans room-

Endans:have you every watched Holloween?

Alyson: Yes ,you don't got friday? 

Endan: naw I gave that back to my Uncle last thrusday why you don't like scary movies?

Alyson: their okay I was just wondering movie you got 

Endan- said gotchu as he sat on his bed next to Alyson-

Alyson phone started to ring-

Alyson- your phone ringing 

Endan:no I think that yours 

Alyson: It is fine it's probably my mom but I don't care!

Endan:Not to be all up in your bussiness but why you do that to your mom?

Alyson: What you mean ?

Endan: Every since you got here you just been on the ram page of ingoring your mom.

Alyson: Because She dervse to hear my voice, she wanted to hear my voice so bad she wouldn't be going out doing what she do !

Endan: what you mean ?

Alyson: I'm stuiped It may have fooled me when I was a kid but , honestly you got to be the dumbest motherfucker to actually believe she on her "bussiness trip"

Endan: you don't know that she could be telling the truth

Alyson: you don't know her like I know her , whenever she finds a new boyfriend she ships me off to my grandparents and cry for me to come back when they break up with her because she lonely .

Endan:Maybe things changed!

Alyson: with her thah you funny . 

Endan:I'm being serious , tomorrow never a promise! you could say you hate her today and tomorrow shell be gone and all your going to remember is I hate her!

Alyson: that is true but honestly you don't know me ! I tired of these wannabes dudes who have a crush on acting like they know me just to get in between my legs!

Endan: woah their shatwy nobody said anything about that , yeah that true I may not know you know but the girl I used to play with as a kid buried inside you , I know she is , Im just waiting for her to comeout .

Alyson; Looking the other way : do you everything think she don't want to come out and walked away-

_dinner- Alyson room-

Ashley- my mom said come eat 

Alyson: looking at her phone with headphones; I'm not hungry !

Ashley- whats wrong?

Alyson: nothing don't worrie about me just go eat

-Ashley shut the door- and went downstairs-

Ashley: alyson not hungry and Endans sleeping so it looks like it just me you and Monica tonight !

Monica: mommy whats two plus two?

Mella:four honey

Monica; that what I thought but me and this dummy down the street went back and fourth about what the answer was.

Mella:what did I say about name calling!

Monica; Sorry mommy

Ashley: what did he say the answer was as she picked the folk to eat 

Monica:21 she said in angry voice!

-upstairs-alyson phone-

Alyson- Hey mom -long pause- I'm just calling to say I'm sorry and I love you.goodnight

_next morning-Endans room

Endan-woke up ,woah didn't expact you to be in here?!

Alyson:yeah I just wanted to talk to you about yeaterday , and about what you said was true ,I'm sorry for snapping at you.

Endan: It's all good I understand when you have angryer built inside you take it out.

Alyson;Smiled and looked and Endan; Yeah , I guess so.













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