Enough is never enough

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There is never enough in life,but you can learn to be contend with the little you possess or else you will suffer a hole in your heart called My Ego.

Submitted: September 20, 2011

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Submitted: September 20, 2011




Enough is never enough!

"When on my 150 year–old I will ask God more fifty years please. I need more, please ."said Sammy kabyemera  when asked about his life expectancy.

A big void heart, egocentric minded, self-centered, for me, mine, me, this is my definition of this twenty first century world.

Poor are getting poorer and much marginalized, whereas rich are getting richer and subduing the vulnerable and destitute. Since, no one feels fulfilled; the world will never be a paradise.

When having a loony, you need more, but never fulfilled. Millionaire is never millionaire in heart, so is billionaire, and these of mammoth assets are never satisfied.

Take me as factual example .When I got my first car, which I adorably liked “Nissan Quest1994” Japanese motor, just two weeks after I wanted Honda Civic .On the other hand; due to the  insufficient funds , buying “Honda Accord 1989”was good and affordable to me . This was a cheap on gas vehicle, good for ride but, not as fashionable as American Ford. A hole in my heart needed to be filled, fortunately, Stewart Rob, my Scottish friend bestowed me an American Aerostat Ford 1995.This one with seven seats, immaculate family van. It took me only a month and my heart to the vehicle changed .I needed a little more cars. When my son bought his gorgeous Toyota Echo2004, I said “praise be to God “this is it .A wonderful new car for town ride .Good on gas and very rapid to manage. Actually, I m looking for another car, and one mode comes in mind “Geo Metro”.

You see, it’s never enough until you say so .Young men are exchanging girl-friends like clothes. Here today, gone tomorrow.  

Humanity will ever struggle with this ego, but there is hope. One day, rich and poor will be equal in heaven. Get ready.

But on this cosmos, it is never enough. Therefore, rejoice and be content with what you possess, and supposing there is way to get more, accumulate it peacefully.

But this is the big secret:”Believe in Jesus Christ and you will be contended with what you have. 

With Jesus, you will always feel beautiful, young, happy, hopeful, careful, because He is the truth, the way and life.

It's never late .



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