Life is a decision not a chance

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Your decision determines whether,you will succeed or fail in life . Watch how you decide and forget not that ,no decision is a decision.

Submitted: September 20, 2011

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Submitted: September 20, 2011



Life is a choice not a chance

The main reason you are going over this adventure is because you are a person of determination.

Undoubtedly, you will agree with me that every day we make a series of decisions in life ;and we all reap it out the results. Good future or bad, good life or mediocre, success of failure are in fact the coherent by-products of our daily decision .

I did not sense it until in 2005 ,when I was determined to enhance my ability of making life’s decisions.

The first and the most important decisions were of saving my family by applying for going abroad.

First of all ,I was a refugee in Uganda ,in my thirty’s and underwent through extensive hardships, all my assets was ruined , my six beautiful children without any hope for their studies and worse again ,no way out for going back to my native country . Furthermore, there was no way of returning to Congo, due the continual ravaging war .And worse again, life in the refugee resettlement or camp was hideous and frightful. For instance ,We had to undergoing couple of days starving and without getting a bite .Consequently ,I could see the end of my family slowly but certainly approaching .Nothing .else mattered ,but it was a time either to let it go or to take a step. I decided to start the refugee process for the third country of resettlement or immigrating abroad. Was it easy to be approved? You are kidding me .This became another five years of multiple process. First, we went through screening, then ,extensive medical check up, next, interview, furthermore, we had to wait for our approval from Canada .Finally, we got our travelling visa in 2008 , after wide period .All this took us in total five years in the rural agglomeration.Disregarding all that, we are finally in Canada. As for benefit,today, my children are studying in one of the best institutions or schools in the world. Churchill High School, University of British Columbia ,and others are well known around the world ,due to their credits. Vancouver ,the best place in the World and in Beautiful,British ,Columbia in Canada.

The second and the last decisions were dealing with agreeing to disagree with giving up spirit on our realizations or plans. It is easy deciding, but with every determination comes barriers or battle in order to aborting the plans. I can remember how many times I had to support my realisations when my wife, children and relatives called it nonsense plan. Wrong dreams, nightmares, and you name it.

I could think of everything except of changing my mind or giving up .It took my firm decision to keeping up with both my family and vision. One was opposing another, discouraging, and even trying to kill the plan .But Thank God .Whenever I could pray, He usually gave me new strength to cope with it.

Now I have no doubt, and no one will deny it. A clear and strong decision, courage for standing firm, these will help you succeeding. No life is a matter of chance, but everyone ought to make a decision of what you want to be tomorrow. And this is the most and best secret of life on this earth as well as for eternity.

Your decision. Even God cannot decide on your behalf, but He gave you the ability. Use it for your benefits .

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